Recently singled out by National Geographic

Split Point lighthouse

Split point lighthouse, Victoria

National Geographic has recently singled out one of my popular and successful photographs with an ‘Editor’s favourite’ on the National Geographic website. National Geographic as you probably know are not some fly-by-night photography organisation, but are widely regarded as a benchmark for media outlets in the field. This is a fantastic boost for my confidence leading up to the coming South Australian AIPP professional photography awards where I will be entering 10 prints of my work. This particular image of the Split point lighthouse with milky way in the background, south of Geelong has won be numerous awards in the past, including a gold award in the AIPP nationals Science category, and 4th overall in the International Aperture awards science category (currently Loupe awards).

National Geographic may even choose to use this image in an upcoming publication of theirs, as is the purpose of this small award they give. Quite exciting.

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