A list of reasons why you should date a photographer!

Well, as a photographer myself, I figured I’d post a fun, tongue-in-cheek list of reasons why you should consider dating one of us! Most of you are probably not fooled by my thin veneer of attempting to talk up the idea to date a photographer, but I can assure you, my intentions are purely innocent! *cough* Bit of fun really 🙂 We photographers are pretty awesome people! Fully of artistic ambition, and yet completely mindful of the pressures of providing for you as out significant other (unlike other artistic professions) heh, just ignore that small increase in capital expenditure… I mean that new f2.8 200mm prime lens will pay for itself… YEAH! There’s nothing better than that is there? Artistic, mindful of others, passionate about our craft, and who doesn’t like having cool images of yourself around the place!? So after a bit of research, here’s my humble list of why you should date a photographer!

1. When you date a photographer it means you’ll never miss a moment!

Who cares if you’re too preoccupied with those new shoes in the window, or talking with friends, you can be rest assured your photographer significant-other will have the eye of a hawk, gigantic DSLR ready, to make the most of your puppy making friends with that little kitten, or little Timmy’s first snot bubble!

2. You’ll feel like a superstar!

Having a photographer as a constant shadow could mean you have you own personal paparazzi! Be the envy of your friends, and complete strangers when you are asked to strike a sexy pose on that bench, or run randomly up to that cute pony! You’ll be the most beautiful person to your personal photographer shadow, and who doesn’t want that kind of dedication from their lover?

3. Date a photographer and buying a gift is downright easy

Buying something photography themed doesn’t have to break the bank, there are photographer gifts for all budgets and if they’re anything like I am, they’d appreciate any random photographic geeky trinket you get them just because you got it for them!

4. Sick of having your previous dates spending too much time away from you with their friends?

Fear no more! Your new photographer date will be spending a good 80% of their time in front of their computer, editing your face hundreds of times over and over and over and over and….. over. This means more time they are thinking of you, and only you, and you can see them when ever you like! No ringing up the bar to find out if they are passed out in the corner any more! Or worrying they’re stuck in some hostage situation! Just check their office!

5. Sixth sense for batteries

Having your batteries die at a wedding makes for the darkest of dark dreams for your photographer significant-other, hence they have developed an uncanny ability to know when their equipment’s batteries are going to die! This doesn’t only apply to their gear, but they’l also never forget to charge their phone, or have their car run flat.

6. Want creative dates?

Look to further than your super creative photographer friend! A photographer hasn’t got the luxury other visual artists take advantage of when creating their work, a photographer’s creativity is a split-second instant captured by their camera in the moment. This natural creativity lends itself well to other things like date-night and ideas for gifts! Spontaneity is funKAY! <-SEE?! didn’t see that coming didcha?!

7. Superstar in the making

Depending on the photographer you’re dating, I betcha they’ve got at LEAST 600 likes on their business page on facebook, incredible right?! Better make sure you can handle the life of the celebrity, the red carpet awaits!

8. Need a photo?

Well, duh. You’re dating a photographer, which probably has more worth in their camera equipment than in your car, ask them right?! But seriously, your ebay listings will never look better, you’ll make a tonne from your listings so get selling now!

9. Sick of the same old routine?

Travelling with a photographer means you will be visiting the most interesting, most photogenic locales often in places you’d never even consider visiting. Think the types of scenes you only ever see in travel magazines! or if you’re that way inclined, the types of scenes you’d only ever see in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood film? I dunno, personally I’d love to visit Chernobyl…

10. Never worry about complexion again!

Photoshop baby!

11. Always look fresh and interesting

Just waking up? photo time! Eating baked beans? Photo time! Blowing your nose? Photo time!

12. A photographer is always tying to gain your opinion

Communication is key in any relationship, and you’d better believe your photographer special someone is the one to supply it! Just say something nice about their most recent work and they’ll be eating out of your hand for the next month guaranteed. Not only that though, your photographer best bud would be adept at talking to people to get their smiles on, seriously. I bet you’re smiling right now reading this! SEE?!

13. Used to carrying a whole heap of crap


14. Date a photographer and watch a lot of movies together

Photographers love movies, the story aspect of moving pictures, the artistic direction and of course the names of the head photographer listed in the credits! Movies are great for cuddles no? Who doesn’t like cuddles?!

15 A wider variety of things to talk about

Sick of being stuck with a guy with a one-track sport mind? or perhaps she couldn’t shut up about her new shoes? Photographers have a tendency to be well versed in a variety of subjects in order to better relate to the clients they are shooting. Not only for their work though, I personally like to see things differently to others, so learning about the world helps me branch out a bit and try new things.

How about you give a photographer a go eh? Try something new! I know I’m available ladies! 😉

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