Waterfall Gully Wedding - Alison and Stephen

Waterfall Gully Wedding – Alison and Stephen

On the 13th of July, 2013 I was privileged to have been chosen as the wedding photographer for such a gorgeous couple who had their ceremony at the Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, Portrush Road Norwood and then their photos and reception at Utopia Waterfall Gully. Alison and Stephen were an absolute to dream to work with as their welcoming personality and generous humour really made the day something special, I really enjoyed myself and their choice of locations were impeccable! Honestly couldn’t have chosen a more photogenic spot than Utopia waterfall gully, and I enjoyed every moment of taking their photos there! This blog post should serve as a brief overview of the photos I captured while covering this wonderful wedding.

Preparation Photos

As is the case usually with my wedding photography coverage; first order of the day were the preparation photos! I arrived at Stephen’s preparation house first a good few hours before the ceremony in order to capture Stephen as his best man getting ready. This was a really relaxed affair as the two of them were enjoying fiddling with tying their tie knots and generally being bullish about the whole occasion. I took the photos of the boys getting ready, both formal and fun while also covering the small details such as the wedding rings and gifts the couple had given one another while dating.

I then headed off to where the girls were getting ready. Alison was really keen on getting her Belle (from Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’) inspired dress on so she had already put it on a good 2 hours before the ceremony! usually I try to capture the dress draped on a bed or some antique furniture! but no matter, her personality and general exuberance allowed for more than enough opportunities for timeless photos. The girls spent their time adjusting dresses, and makeup while joking as a family. There really was a huge air of relaxation surrounding the entire affair. It was really a nice way to warm up for the ‘big event’.

Clayton Wesley Uniting Church

The Clayton Wesley Uniting Church, or the ‘The Spire on The Parade’ is a magnificent old church located overlooking the end of the Parade in Norwood. The first church on the site, now located toward the rear of the church now visible from the road was built in 1856, with the newer, larger one being built in 1881. It features a 38m high steeple, seating for 560 persons and a magnificent organ installed in 1897. The interior of the church is wide and open, featuring the organ at the center front of the hall and staggered height seating allowing for good vision of proceedings from the back of the church. I hadn’t been here before, but I had driven past here very often and always thought how grand it looked from the street. Beautifully gothic with it’s wonderful spire and archways. Perfect for a wedding.

The ceremony itself was of standard length and full of joy and joking. The atmosphere was relaxed and the priest obviously enjoyed his job, welcoming all the guests as the entered and helped anyone out that asked for it.

Utopia Waterfall Gully

Waterfall gully is a great place to visit even in the most normal of times, but to visit for a wedding was simply magical. The area features an 18m tall waterfall that flows all year round that plays host to a popular walking trail to Mt Lofty Summit.

Oasis Waterfall Gully, or Utopia  is Australia’s only restaurant set at the base of a waterfall, and makes for a magnificent setting akin to the Elven housing seen in the Lord of the Rings movies as it’s set in a historic Swiss-style chalet built in 1911. It’s a simply beautiful place hard to match in Adelaide. Utopia waterfall gully is a family owned and operated business of South Australia and boasts a magnificent menu and cozy surrounds perfect for an intimate family wedding reception.

Alison and Stephen’s wedding reception packed the place out to make a truly memorable evening. The bridal party entered the room with applause and the food was delicious. There was plenty of room for traditional happenings such as speeches, bouquet tossing and cake cutting. The dance floor was a little cozy, but everyone got into the swing of things.

In all, Alison and Stephen’s was such a joy to photograph and I wish them all the best in their future lives together. Truth be told they really did a service to me for choosing such great photogenic locations such as the Clayton Wesley Uniting Church and Utopia Waterfall Gully for their wedding, I can’t thank them enough for such a great day!

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