Off to photograph Tasmania

I figured I’d book a trip to Tasmania since I haven’t travelled for a while now solely with the intent of photography. I mean sure I’ve taken many a photograph on other trips like my Hawaii cruise and my many trips to Japan, my most recent being the Kizuna program where I visited tsunami-affected areas. So just after my first wedding in this year’s wedding season on October 5th, I’m heading off to photograph Tasmania for 6 days. Then coming directly back for a wedding the following day! Hectic 🙂

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Anyway, I thought I might layout my plans for you all here, to both give you an idea of places to visit for great photo opportunities around Tasmania, and to make it all clear in my mind too, as I haven’t visited Tasmania since I was very young. Usually when I plan atripike this I reasearch photography done by other photographers in the past, pick out the best ones, and attempt to visit the same places in order to put my own personal touch on the scene. I in particular want to visit Cradle Mountain, as I’ve seen some incredible shots from this particular part of Tasmania. But never with much of a star field above the mountain. So that’s one goal. Anyway, lets look at the locations I’m looking to visit…


Launceston, the second largest city in Tasmania after Hobart is a city in the north of Tasmania, Australia at the junction of the North Esk and South Esk rivers where they become the Tamar River. Famous for it’s historic buildings and Australia’s older sewer system… (yay). I’ll be spending half a day here for lunch after arriving, just to have a look about. Might do a bit of geocaching, and take a few photos of the buildings and riverscapes, but nothing too exciting.

Image Credits: Christian Fletcher, Outback Encounter

Cradle Mountain

I’m then heading off for two nights at Cradle Mountain, where as I said earlier was the main reason why I wanted to visit Tasmania. I’ve seen so many shots of this place that I really want to do it justice myself.

Image Credits: Tom Putt, Pete Dobre, Garth Smith, Bernie Zajac

Coles Bay/Wine Glass Bay

Before organising this trip, I really hadn’t heard of these bays before, but simply looking at the images produced here persuaded me to spend a night here. Really looking forward to being here.

Hobart/Pt Arthur

Hobart is where I will be staying for the final 2 nights of my trip, and I’ll be travelling there via Pt Arthur. Port Arthur is one of Australia’s most significant heritage areas and an open air museum, so I’ve got to visit right? Also due to it being in the news as I was growing up, and being a site of national significance in regards to gun law reform.

Image Credits: Joern Brauns, Discover Tasmania, Singles Travel, Loic, Hobart city council

Russell Falls

My final destination I hope to travel to soley for the purpose of taking a nice photograph is Russell Falls. An iconic waterfall located in the Mt Field National Park. At night time glow worms can be seen among the vegetation on the approach to the falls apparently, so that sounds fun.

Image Credits: Lloyd Young, Caravan RV, Russell Falls Holiday Cottages

Hopefully I can do this beautiful part of the world justice with my own ability to photograph it.

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