Wedding cake design ideas

Wedding cake design ideas

As a wedding photographer, I tend to be at weddings quite often. I know right? crazy! As such I get to witness a vast array of different ideas from very different people. One detail among many is one I suppose not many think about well in advance of their wedding day, and that’s their wedding cake design. Your wedding cake design really isn’t a one-size-fits all thing, often your wedding cake design reflects the personalities, or perhaps the combines tastes of the newly married couple, and it’s one way to express this to your guests.

I’ve witnessed a few trends in wedding cake design over the years, and I decided to write up this blog as a bit of a guide, or a resource to help you decide on your own wedding cake design. Perhaps you’d like to be different and avoid all of these, or you might like a particular one and want to copy it. Either way, thanks for looking, you can see more of my wedding photography in my wedding photography portfolio.

Traditional designs

We’ve all seen the Disney fairy tale version of wedding cake design in almost any romantic comedy, drama, movie without exploding cars or spaceships; right? Multi-tiered, rounded, white frosted wedding cake design that looks as though it was made by fairy cooks that rode their pink unicorns to the sugar-plum bakery. Delightful to look at, and they have an almost timeless quality to them, hence the reason why most weddings will have one. Tradition is tradition for a reason because it just works for the occasion. Wedding cake design is no exception.

Modern designs

Couples are often nowadays opting for something that looks like a traditional design, but has a bit of a modern twist to it. Take for example these four I picked out from weddings I’ve photographed. The square shape is more bold than elegant with it’s straight edges and imposing figure, but they will still often have the cream to white colour scheme as their more traditional design sisters might. Kind of like a movement away from the art-deco style of the 60s to the more flat and bold style of post-modernism. This is often complimented by a loud coloured lining made from a fabric or icing.

Something a bit different

Some couples like to break the norm completely, opting instead for something very unexpected. Perhaps you’re a huge fan of lions? or you don’t really want a huge multi-tiered cake as you’d never get through all the left overs? Or my favourite, why not pre-cut the cake and just make an awesome pyramid out of doughnuts?! That way the guests can simply take a piece without getting a knife dirty.

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