Ben and Jess

Inglewood Inn Wedding – Ben & Jess

On the 23rd of November, 2013 I had a wonderful time photographing Ben and Jess’ wedding at the Inglewood Inn. Ben and Jess couldn’t have been more easy to work with on the day, a very laid back couple eager to make the day as pleasant and possible for all concerned. Also very good looking couple together which makes my job as the wedding photographer that much easier. 🙂

Preparation Photos

The day started as usual with my wedding photography services at the groom’s. Usually this would be at a house, but Ben was getting ready at another very common wedding reception location, Sferas, near tea Tree Plaza. Which was fine, especially since there was just his best man and himself to worry about. We took a few photos getting ready around his hotel room and the gardens surrounding the complex.

I then headed off to where the girls in the bridal party were getting ready. Many more people here, which would often mean a more tense environment, but it couldn’t have been more relaxed. Laughter and general family togetherness was ripe in the air, and again, this made my job so much easier. Really makes me remember why I enjoy this job so much.

Inglewood Inn Wedding

The ceremony itself took place at the Inglewood Inn is a 1857 National Trust building in Inglewood, with modern renovations boasting a function room overlooking a marvelously tailor-made garden setting for wedding ceremonies. The Inglewood Inn is associated with the development of one of the main transport routes out of Adelaide, having been established in 1857 as a stopping place along the new North Eastern Road. Deacon decided on an unusual means of naming his new Inn. When it was nearly completed, he offered his builders five gallons of beer to provide a suitable name for the new hotel. The men quickly decided on ‘Inglewood’, after the Inglewood in Cumberland in northern England. By the time Deacon arrived the next day, the name ‘Inglewood Inn’ had been painted on a board opposite the bar.

Inglewood Inn Wedding reception

The location of Inglewood Inn lends itself well to a style of photo best described as ‘vintage’ often with a brown-yellow hue with grunge accents. Inglewood Inn’s surrounds boast a run-down cottage that is freely accessible and near-by orchards which we put to good use. It’s reception room is deceptively modern from the outside with amble room to host a 100+ person function. Ben and Jess’ wedding was a lot of fun, and I very much hope they enjoy their photographs.

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