Tina & Jonel's Olivers Chaff Shed Wedding

Tina & Jonel’s Olivers Chaff Shed Wedding

The 7th of December saw me head on down to Mclaren Vale’s wine country to shoot a lovely laid-back wedding at Oliver’s Chaff Shed for a lovely to work with couple, Tina and Jonel. the “White Hill” Chaff Shed is a part of South Australia’s pioneering history, having been farmed by the Oliver family since 1841. And has also been a popular wedding venue in South Australia since the first recorded wedding held here on the 19th of September 1877, between James Little and Ann Cameron- Oliver. One can see why too, Olivers Chaff Shed boasts a marvellous little colonial-style cottage overlooking pristine green grassy areas framed by vineyards and a delightful little pond where Tina and Jonel held their ceremony by. Photographers just love these little colonial-style buildings with red brick work and lush green gardens surrounds, as they make our job that much easier being already naturally beautiful ripe for photo taking.

Preparation Photos

As most of Jonel’s family and friends were overseas, the groom’s party consisted of a single participant, Tina’s brother which made for a simple, short and sweet photo shoot at Jonel’s place of preparation, the couple’s Edwardstown apartment.

Tina got ready at the Olivers Chaff Shed B&B, which as I said earlier is a delightful old cottage with many rooms and old-world decor. With the house filled with Tina’s talented piano-playing relative’s music, the 4-strong bridal party was getting ready. It also happened to be a pure co-incidence that I knew Tina and Jonel’s flower girls and paige-boy, and that wasn’t the only people I co-incidentally knew at the wedding, but that comes later. Tina was quite traditional in many ways, she did not want any windows open in case Jonel would peer in and see her, she also had the ‘something blue, something old, something borrowed, something new’ going on. Was nice to see.

Olivers Chaff Shed Wedding Ceremony

As I said before, Tina and Jonel decided to have their ceremony within the Oliver Chaff Shed gardens, next to a little lake which prided a wonderfully lit backdrop which made my job as a photographer that much easier.

Bridal Shoot

Olivers Chaff Shed B&B is surrounded by the grounds of Olivers winery and gardens, as such I was spoilt for choice when shooting the bridal party in between the ceremony and reception. The day was beautifully sunny which caused wonderful shadows in shaded areas, but could be quite harsh out in the open, but I think these turned out very well.

Olivers Chaff Shed Wedding Reception

The Olivers Chaff Shed reception facility is set in what looks like an old barn with room for a small bar in one area, and a sitting/dancing area across from it. The charm of the place is not only the small building though, it’s the outdoor area connected to it’s side. It over looks the grassed area surrounding Olivers Chaff Shed and is a serene place to sit and chat. Fun thing is that there were a few people at the wedding coincidentally that I hadn’t seen in years, so the reception was a lot of fun for me too 🙂

I’d like to thank Tina and Jonel for asking me to shoot their wedding photography at the Olivers Chaff Shed, was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy the images!

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