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Adelaide wedding registry wedding – Sashini & George

On the 20th of January I was asked to cover a short 1 hour wedding at the Adelaide wedding registry on Grenfell street. Sashini and George took advantage of my very flexible hourly rate to only cover the short Adelaide wedding registry ceremony and group family photos at the end. The Adelaide wedding registry on Grenfell street has a small, simple room set up with around 40 chairs for guests in order to conduct short, simple civil marriages. I understand that having your wedding at the Adelaide wedding registry may save you a bit of money that you can better spend at your reception or even on your honeymoon. Apparently there are also more than one single Adelaide wedding registry in Adelaide so one does not have to use the one on Grenfell street, but please correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below 🙂

As Sashini was of Indian heritage and George, Greek the ceremony and it’s guests had a very mixed cultural flavour, with bold opulent colours from the bride’s side and the typical fun-loving demeanor from the groom’s. The whole experience at the Adelaide wedding registry was a lot of fun and I hope to visit here again for more short, simple weddings.

It was quite an interesting experience actually, as a wedding photographer I am quite accustomed to having a bridal shoot after the ceremony, however as Sashini and George only opted for a single hour of my services, there was very little time to venture far from the Adelaide wedding registry offices.

I did capture some lovely moments however and I very much hope Sashini and George enjoy the images I’ve produced for them. During the hour coverage I managed to provide them with over 100 edited images, which is a bit more than usual, but when I’m having fun, the camera does its own thing. The images below are but a preview.

Adelaide wedding registry, Grenfell street

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