Hans Heysen House wedding

Hans Heysen House Wedding – Alia & Julian

Alia and Julian got married at the beautifully picturesque Hans Heysen House in Hahndorf on the first of March 2014, and I was lucky enough to be their wedding photographer throughout the entire day. I happened to know Alia and Julian before being contacted to be their wedding photographer through friends, and a nicer, more down to earth couple you’re never likely to meet. Julian’s father  married the couple in the gardens of Hans Heysen House, in the shadow of the artist’s cottage itself. The day was incredibly sunny and bright, with very little cloud cover shielding the wedding congregation at all, it made things challenging, but I’m pretty happy with these wedding photos and I hope Alia and Julian are too.

Preparation photos – Chateau Gardenique

Julian got ready at his parent’s house near Blackwood. Unfortunately he arrived a little later than the agreed upon time, so we had only around 20mins to shoot as many preparation photos as we could. They had a marvellous garden outback which I used to good effect.

Alia got ready with her bridesmaids at a wonderful little B&B known as Chateau Gardenique in Littlehampton. The stately affair of the decor beautiful setting of this old manor provided a wonderful backdrop to the preparation photos I took.

Hans Heysen House – The Cedars

Hans Heysen house, or as the estate is known, ‘The Cedars’ is a unique 60 hectare heritage property near Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills. Hans Heysen House – The Cedars is the historic home of one of Australia’s most noted landscape artists, Sir Hans Heysen. One would immediately recognise Sir Hans Heysen’s work if presented with a piece, which is why I have posted an image of one to the right. Sir Hans Heysen is famous for his landscape paintings he completed in and around the Hans Heysen House grounds. Usually depicting large gum trees with cattle. Hans Heysen House – The Cedars was purchased by Hans Heysen in 1912, and he lived there with his wife Sallie, and their family of eight children. The estate is still owned and operated by members of the Heysen family and the estate is open to visitors.

Unley Town Hall reception

The facilities available for a wedding reception at the Unley Town Hall is pretty impressive. The town hall itself looks as though it was once used as a performing arts center (and quite possibly still is) is a large domed roof and two stories of chairs. The cavernous area seats 100 people if dining and can accommodate 200 people if standing.

All in all a beautiful wedding at Hans Heysen House and then the Unley Town Hall for a beautiful couple. Thanks for having me, and I hope you like your wedding photos.

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