Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery presentation

I’ve been shooting Adelaide wedding photography for over 4 years now, with this website only existing for a little over 2 years, and one thing I always look forward to at the beginning of my day is the bridal jewellery. My wedding photography day usually starts at the bride and groom’s place of preparation where I would take close-up images of both the men’s jewellery including the wedding rings and cuff-links and the bridal jewellery.

While the men’s jewellery is typically pretty similar between weddings, with the wedding bands and cufflinks over ties and whatnot, the bridal jewellery can be quite diverse. I usually try to include the traditional ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something new’ thing, if the bride is traditional in that way, while also incorporating some of the more modern aspects of today’s bridal jewellery. Typically this includes earrings, necklaces, perfume bottles, shoes and and quite often recently I’ve seen novelty garters showcasing the bride’s personality. One that comes to mind immediately is a wonderful batman garter from Alia and Julian’s Hans Heysen’s House wedding.

I love showcasing the personality of my brides and grooms through small little details like this, I feel it really personalises your wedding photography and makes you smile in ten years when you looks back at photos like this and remember the story behind the item or items.

Bridal Jewellery presentations

Generally people expect bridal jewellery photographs to be dreamy and ethereal in nature creating the dreamlike aesthetic that is usually associated with remembering happy memories such as your wedding day. As such I like to get up close and personal with your bridal jewellery and use a high depth of field to draw focus to a particular point in the presentation. The results are quite a lovely documentation of some of the things that are quite often forgotten years after your actual wedding day, so capturing these scenes is important.

It’s quite common at modern weddings for brides to ‘look after’ the wedding rings also, whereas traditionally the groom, or rather his ‘best man’ would be tasked with keeping them safe. There’s surely not a trust issue here is there? 😀 Perhaps it’s because it’s often the bride that will be doing the bulk of the organisation for the wedding day itself, so perhaps they feel more comfortable looking after them? In any case, capturing an image of the two rings together in this setting allows for some wonderful memorable photos, often alongside the bridal jewellery.

Props such as pillows or nests for such wedding ring photos can be purchased readily at most bridal shops, or even a simple search on ebay can yield good results.

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