Camelot Castle Wedding

Camelot Castle Wedding – Larni & Daniel

The 20th of September saw me head to a wonderful little location just outside of the Adelaide city limits in Camelot Castle (now named the Manor in Basket Range) for Larni and Daniel’s wedding. I had an absolute ball of a time at their wedding with all involved quite laid back and easy to work with. Along with the fact that choosing such a picturesque location as the Castle made my job so much easier on the day, the whole congregation were very photo-friendly from the beautiful bride Larni to the cars to the little ones running about the place who weren’t camera-shy at all! At the time of Larni and Daniel’s wedding, the venue itself was having electrical issues, and it was very lucky that the wedding could go ahead at all. Apparently it had only just passed safety inspections days beforehand!

Groomsmen Preparation

The groomsmen got ready at the couple’s house. The preparation was quite a casual affair with little signs of nerves from the groom-to-be. Daniel was eager to get some shots of his pet snake and dog while dressed up.

Bridal Preparation

Larni and her bridesmaids were getting ready at her parents house. As I arrived she was just finishing up with their makeup. The girls were having a great time getting ready with family members circling all eager to find out what kind of cars Daniel had booked for their motorcade.

Camelot Castle Ceremony

Camelot Castle is a wonderful wedding venue, built in the early 1900s, the castle is a grand, Medieval style, stone building, hidden away in the picturesque valley at Basket range in the Adelaide Hills. It’s built to look like a castle (hence the name) but is actually a sprawling hotel/function center with medieval stylings like parapets, gothic wooden doorways and suits of armour dotted about the place. The location itself is nice and secluded while not being too far away from the city of Adelaide. It’s away from prying eyes of the public and even passing traffic would not catch a glimpse of any wedding occurring at the lovely little medieval chapel built within its grounds. I was told by Larni and Daniel that the venue often hosts themed weddings complete with guests dressed in period clothing and cutting of the wedding cake with a broadsword. However Larni and Daniel chose the castle not for these reasons, but rather because it was a unique spot with plenty of photo opportunities within walking distance.

Bridal photoshoot

The gardens provide a marvellous array of locations for a bridal shoot, with it’s rustic stone walls and wooden doorways to unique towers with battlements surrounded by a lush green garden with water features. Simply put, the castle is a wonderful place to shoot wedding photography.


The reception venue has two reception halls, one downstairs and one upstairs. Fortunately Larni and Daniel did not have too many guests so as to not fit in the down-stairs reception hall as the upstairs one was still condemned due to electrical faults. But the downstairs reception hall was lovely none-the-less. Ample seating for at least 100 people with dance floor and ready access to bar and outdoor patio, the room was themed as a castle with armour and swords hanging on the walls with a lovely medieval atmosphere.

I’d like to thank Larni and Daniel for a lovely night at Camelot Castle, they treated me as one of their guests and invited me to take photos of their amazing wedding at an amazing venue, a venue I had not yet had the privilege of visiting, and I’m very glad I was a part of it.

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