Ayres House Reception

Ayres House Reception – Wendy & Chang

I was lucky enough to be chosen as the wedding photographer for Wendy & Chang’s Adelaide wedding reception at Ayres House on the 11th of October 2014. I point out Adelaide specifically as Wendy and Chang were actually married previously overseas, and this night was simply a reception for their Adelaide-based relatives and friends. The night was a laid-back affair within the backdrop of the prestigious architecture that was once the house of the famed explorer, Ayre.. I was privvy to a number of fun looking Malaysian customs such as a noisy cheers involving the entire table at which it occurred. Wendy and Chang took advantage of my flexible hourly rate for their wedding reception.

Ayres House

The house itself is considered to be one of the finest examples of Colonial Regency architecture in Australia and remains the largest and best preserved of the houses designed by George Strickland Kingston. The venue includes areas suitable for 3 weddings at the same time. Wendy and Chang’s wedding took place in the Henry Ayres room located towards the left of the complex which can hold a maximum of 106 seated guests.

It is said that in 1845 Robert Thornber  built a small cottage on Town Acre No. 30, which he then sold to William Paxton. In 1855 Paxton sailed for England and let the house to Henry Ayers. Paxton never returned to South Australia and in 1871 Henry Ayers finally purchased the property for 400 pounds. Henry Ayers’ fortune was founded on the Burra Copper Mines and his political life began in 1857 when he was elected a member of the first Legislative Council. During a 38 year political career, he was Premier seven times, Cabinet Minister 11 times and President of the Legislative Council for 12 years.

I’d like to thanks Wendy & Chang for having me be their reception photographer during their reception, the experience was a lot of fun and I very much hope you enjoy the photos I’ll be sending you!

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