Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Best wedding photos from 2014

As it’s the end of the year, I figured it would be neat to go over the best wedding photos I’ve produced over the 2014 wedding seasons. This year I have been a wedding photographer at 18 weddings across Adelaide, with the furthest I’ve travelled being Murray Bridge and the closest, Flagstaff Hill. At the time of writing this article I still have 4 unedited weddings among this number so unfortunately I won’t be able to include those photos in this list of best wedding photos 2014. One of those weddings include a wedding with Giraffes at Monarto zoo! But that’s the next one on my list to edit! It’s just such a busy time of year.

Best wedding photos of 2014

10. A wonderful shot at Kiarnie and Stuart’s Sunnybrae Function center wedding using the light winding up the pathway.

9. A lovely close up of the wedding rings exchanged at Aliesha and Lee’s wedding at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Course that includes all the pertinent details of their marriage certificate without losing that lovely bokeh fade around the edges.

8. Tina and Jonel’s cake at their wedding at Oliver’s Chaff Shed was beautifully set up in a rustic barn with beautifully soft light.

7. A bit of a posed shot for you here, but this ‘Lord of the Rings’ inspired shot from Annie and DJ’s Ukrainian Church wedding really worked out well.

6. This is the lovely Larni from her and Daniel’s wedding at Camelot Castle. The expression on the girl’s faces really make a wonderful moment between her and the girls.

5. This is Alia and Julian embracing after their Han’s Heysen House wedding . The gardens around the House are fantastic on sunny days for this kind of ethereal light.

4. This shot was taken on Semaphore beach on the very windy day that was Amy and Matt’s wedding at Sunnybrae. The shadows and lack of anyone in front of the groomsmen as they walked along the jetty reminded me of an album cover.

3. This shot of the groomsmen taken at Kiarnie and Stuart’s Sunnybrae Function center wedding  shows great emotion from all the men, especially showcasing their boisterous attitude which made for a wonderfully natural photo.

2. This is the stunning Kirstyn wearing her wedding dress at her and Tom’s wedding at Nepenthe Winery. This shot however was taken in one of the rooms of the Stirling Hotel where she was getting ready.

1. This shot of Carley and Tony walking through the Inglewood Inn’s grounds at their Inglewood Inn wedding I’ve chosen as number one due to the beautiful light the trees afforded me and the nice relaxed pose the couple made. Just a beautiful photo. Do you agree with this being one of the best wedding photos of 2014?

Honorable mentions for Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Comment below if you agree or disagree with my choices for the best wedding photos from 2014. I’m certainly looking forward to looking through the best wedding photos from 2015!

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