Grange Beach Wedding – Sophie & Stephen

At the end of November I was chosen as Sophie & Stephen’s wedding photographer. They had their wedding on the Esplanade near the Grange beach, right out the front of the Grange Hotel and surf life saving club. The day itself was a very laid back affair with both the boys and girls very easy to work with and were very friendly. They took advantage of my flexible hourly-based photography rate which saw me with them for 6 hours.

Groomsmen Preparation

Stephen and his grooms men were getting ready at the couple’s house along with his extended family and a marvellously photogenic blue-eyed bub who couldn’t get enough of the camera. 🙂 Typical of grooms men they had the usual troubles with ties and getting ready, thankfully there were a few people there able to help. The guys were very relaxed and it seemed as though Mum was the most anxious one there, which isn’t a bad thing, it always paid for someone to be anxious 🙂


Bridal Party Preparation

Sophie was getting ready at her parent’s place, and once again an air of tranquillity was in the air, not much fuss going about, even Mum had calmed down as she had followed me there with the baby. I was very impressed with Sophie’s choice in transport, a bona fide Combi van! Really cool.

Sophie & Stephen’s Grange Beach Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony at Grange was a simple affair, the congregation were seated on a strip of grass in between the Grange hotel and the Grange jetty while passers-by walked along the nearby footpath that followed Grange Beach. The weather was overcast, but the light was still very bright causing some fun with exposure.

Sophie & Stephen’s Grange Beach Glamour Shoot

I managed to capture some stunning shots around the Grange jetty, the light was great and the randoms in the background decided to play nice and stand in places where they were easy to Photoshop out 🙂 We also had some fun with some cheesy wedding photos as the group was so laid back, was fun 🙂 We also stayed out late enough to take advantage of some magnificent clouds and sunset.

Reception at the Grange Hotel

Sophie and Stephen’s reception was at the Grange hotel, right out the front of the Grange jetty. They used the function room upstairs for a tapas-style function. The Grange Hotel, was originally licensed in 1881, and despite now haveing a rather modern exterior, as soon as you step inside you can see that the building itself was quite rustic. The function room upstairs has a very high roof, and has been modernised but still has some old-timey charm.

I’d like to thank Sophie and Stephen for having me as their wedding photographer on their beautiful day at the Grange. I had a lot of fun as I always do and I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Launch of Steven Duncan ART

I’m pleased to announce the launch of Steven Duncan ART, at

Working in my free time recently, I’ve developed a website dedicated to the art side of my photography. is now wholly dedicated to the wedding photography and event coverage side of my business, where at Steven Duncan ART will be dedicated to Fine Art prints. I’m an award winning photographer in not only wedding photography, but also Landscape, Illustrative, and even Science photography. I also like to dabble in digital painting and concept art.

Steven Duncan ART

Steven Duncan ART

Steven Duncan ART will showcase all my my fine art pieces I produce while not shooting weddings. I’m also a huge fan of digital painting and concept art, so I’ll also be using the site for that. I understood that the majority of visitors to SvenStudios were looking for their wedding photographer, as opposed to a fine art landscape photographer, which is the reason for developing this new website.

If you’re looking for a nice fine art print of a landscape, or painting I’ve developed, Steven Duncan ART also provides a secure shop to buy prints.

If you’re a fan of landscape or fine art photography, or just my photography and art in general, please visit Steven Duncan ART, and please support me by liking the Steven Duncan ART Facebook page.

Featured by Easy Wedding’s Real Weddings

My wedding photography has recently been featured in a blog post on a bridal website I advertise on called EasyWeddings. Their Real Weddings blog is dedicated to Real Weddings that are submitted by their users all over Australia in the bid to become the wedding of the year.

Featured on Real Weddings blog

The particular wedding Real Weddings featured of mine was my coverage of Larni & Daniel’s wedding at Camelot Castle back in September last year.

To read the Real Weddings write up you can visit their blog post here.

Camelot Castle (now named the Manor in Basket Range) is a beautiful venue with the stone work of the castle walls and the gardens. The venue however was very close to the recent Adelaide bushfires, I hope there was no damage to the place, their website has no indication there was. but it was built in the early 1900s, and is a grand, Medieval style, stone building, hidden away in the picturesque valley at Basket range in the Adelaide Hills. If it weren’t for this wedding, I wouldn’t have known about it! I think they’re open for luncheons so if you’re ever over that way, look out for it!

Monarto Zoo Wedding – Leonie & Andrew

When Leonie and Andrew contacted me to do their wedding photography at the Monarto Zoo, I knew I was in for a treat. Who would think of having a wedding at the Zoo? When I asked Leonie and Andrew why they chose the Monarto Zoo as their venue, the simple answer they gave was ‘for something different!’. Which in my mind is pretty much the best answer to give 🙂 The ceremony itself took place in the giraffe enclosure with the plan of getting the giraffes to get in chose to the congregation and hopefully get some awesome photos. Unfortunately giraffes are really timid animals so they didn’t really come in close at all. Another thing that didn’t go quite as planned was the weather. All morning a huge thunderstorm was raging, I even saw lightning strike the highway while driving to the Zoo!

Groom’s Preparation

The groom’s preparation took place at his childhood home in Aberfoyle Park. When I arrived there was basketball on the TV and all the boys were milling about in T-shirts and shirts while the older generation ironed clothes and cooked lunch. Pretty typical really 🙂 The boys had trouble putting on their ties and cufflinks as I mentioned in another blog, this is pretty typical too 🙂 C’mon boys! After the boys were dressed we drove to a nearby park for some glamour shots with the whole group.

Bridal Preparation

The bridal party were getting ready at the couple’s house in Happy Valley. Leonie’s wedding dress proved to be a worthy adversary for the girls as it took a very long time for them to have the entire lace tied up, thankfully not the longest I’ve ever seen it take for the dress to be put on, but close! The humid air of the day caused some discomfort and they needed to move to a window while putting on the wedding dress.

Monarto Zoo Wedding Ceremony

Weddings at the Zoo are usually held on the Giraffe Viewing Platform with the idea that giraffes will be on hand to make cameo appearances in your wedding photos. The Zoo at Monarto is Australia’s largest open range zoo.  Having being first established as a breeding and pasture area in 1983, it has grown into a tourist mecca since.  It opened to the public in 1993 and is now home to over 500 animals roaming in vistas as far as the eye can see. You can see why as a photographer, I was keen on shooting this wedding!


I’d like to thank Leonie and Andrew for  having me as their wedding photographer at their wedding. I had a great time and I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!