SC Pannell Winery Wedding

SC Pannell Winery Wedding – Michaela & Paddy

I was very lucky to have been chosen as Michaela and Paddy’s wedding photographer at their amazing wedding at the SC Pannell Winery in Mclaren Vale in late December last year as it was honestly one of the best weddings I’ve been to. All the guests were so much fun and eager to do the strange and wonderful things required to take strange but wonderful wedding photography. They opted to take advantage of my very competitive daily wedding photography rate with a second photographer.

The best thing about their wedding at SC Pannell Winery was Michaela’s wonderful personal touches, including a bouquet set made from pages from Harry Potter books and a homemade Tardis from Dr. Who Wishing Well.

Groomsmen Preparation

Paddy and his groomsmen were all getting prepared in a house in Aberfoyle Park. Paddy being of United Kingdom heritage observed a few interesting customs, including a wonderful stylised celtic-based wedding ring. As Michaela and Paddy opted to have a second photographer, I attended the groomsmen preparation for a small while, leaving most of their preparation photos to my assistant while I visited the bride and her bridal party.

Bridal Preparation

The girls were getting ready at the couple’s house in Hallett Cove. Many of their guests travelled long distances to get to their wedding so many of them were staying with them. As a result a lot of the house was full of makeshift beds. It was around now when I realised that Michaela had an awesome Harry Potter and Dr. Who vibe going on during the wedding with a bouquet made from Harry Potter books, a Tardis garter and toy wands lying about.

SC Pannell Winery Wedding Ceremony

The SC Pannell Winery is located in Mclaren Vale and is run by Stephen Pannell. Stephen Pannell has been named as one of the 50 most influential contributors to the world of wine by Decanter Magazine. The SC Pannell Winery itself is quite young, having been purchased as early as 2012.

SC Pannell Winery Glamour Photographs

The SC Pannell Winery boasts lovely rolling hills full of grape vines which is great for a bit of winery wedding photography. It also ended up being a lot of fun considering Michaela and Paddy were keen on trying a few different wedding shots, including an epic wizard duel and defeating their entire guest list with magic.

Harry Potter fun

I took a few Harry Potter themed wedding photos within the ground of the SC Pannell Winery, including the one below showcasing Michaela and Paddy’s prowess for offensive magic, felling their entire guest list. I also shot a patronus shot of the couple, and a really awesome shot that I thought deserved it’s own blog post which you can view by clicking here.

SC Pannell Winery Reception

The reception area at SC Pannell Winery is a large open, but undercover patio of sorts, surrounded by glass and removable awnings. Heaps of room for a large wedding guestlist. The food was a tappas affair with a great bar service. A photo booth was in attendance, along with a DJ.

I’d like to thank Michaela and Paddy for having me at their wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photographs of their wedding at SC Pannell Winery as much as I enjoyed taking them. Particularly their Harry Potter themed shots! 🙂

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