Veale Gardens Wedding – Bianca & Russell

The 14th of February saw me acting as the wedding photographer at the lovely laid back wedding of Bianca and Russell, set in the Adelaide Veale Gardens, south of the city. After their ceremony in Veale Gardens, we headed off to Semaphore beach for some shots near the jetty, and then to the Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron for their reception. The day’s weather was possibly the hottest wedding day I had ever experienced. The scorching weather saw us cutting some photo taking opportunities short, such as our time at Semaphore beach and getting some shots of the couple’s baby there.

Groomsmen Preparation

Russell and his brother were getting ready at their parent’s house in North Haven along with the couple’s little bub who unfortunately was not a very happy chappie with a tooth ache. That said however he was a stoic little chap, didn’t cry much just showed his frustration with a glum face 🙂 otherwise, the groomsmen preparation was fairly typical wedding day affair, with the groom arriving late and rushing through a checklist of things to do.

Bridal Preparation

Bianca was getting ready at a house not too far away in peterhead. A very laid back affair, the girls weren’t too fussed getting ready too quickly and were quite happy kicking back with a bit of a bite to eat and wine. Bianca’s wedding dress wasn’t overly fiddly to get on, so did not take long.

Veale Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Bianca and Russell’s wedding ceremony took place near the Veal Gardens pond closest to the function center on South road. Possibly the most popular pond to hold a wedding at as I’ve now done a few at that particular pond. Veale Gardens is part of the Adelaide Parklands throughout and surrounding the City of Adelaide, and is located south of the city. Veale Gardens is named after William Charles Douglas Veale, who was Adelaide’s Town Clerk from January 1947 to November 1965 The gardens feature a multitude of small ponds and a small man-made river betwixt rolling manicured grass hills with an impressive rose garden at it’s center.

Veale Gardens Glamour Shots

After the ceremony we had a few hours to walk about both Veale Gardens and Semaphore beach to capture some glamour shots. The Gardens have a few marvellous locations for such a thing and I think it’s quite obvious why Veale Gardens is a popular location for weddings and wedding photography shoots.

Semaphore Beach Glamour shots

As the weather was incredibly hot, of course hundreds of people flocked to the cool reprieve Semaphore beach offers. In order to take these shots I had to photoshop out dozens of swimmers who made it their goal to get in the background of Bianca and Russell’s nice beach shots. But it’s all in good fun 🙂

Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron Wedding Reception

The Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron clubhouses have recently been renovated into a marvellous venue for a wedding reception. Overlooking the yachts, the modern conference room has ample room for  a few hundred people with dancing and bar areas. The current site of the Squadron has been in place since 1923, after having moved locations multiple times between it’s beginnings at Birkenhead in 1912.


As always I had an absolute blast as Bianca and Russell’s Wedding Photographer at their wedding at Veale Gardens, and I hope they enjoy their photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Mitcham Reserve Engagement – Kerry & Kevin

As part of their wedding photography package, Kerry and Kevin decided to take advantage of my affordable engagement shoot option where I take photos of an engaged couple, and often their children before their wedding, in order to use the photographs at their wedding on a projector, or printed about as decoration, or on their wedding invites. This particular engagement shoot took place in a park known as Mitcham Reserve, near Scotch and Mercedes college, and nearby the wonderful wedding venue of Carrick Hill.

Engagement Photos

Kerry and Kevin’s Engagement shoot in Mitcham reserve was shared with their 4 children which enjoyed running amok while we were shooting. They made use of their dancing lessons they had been taking together to take some studding posed shots in the overhanging green foliage of the reserve’s trees. Their wedding, which I am lucky enough to also be shooting as their wedding photographer is in September, and they wanted a few shots to use on their wedding invite.


While we were taking the romantic, typical engagement photos we also took advantage of the fact that the whole family were there together and took some family portraits of the children also. As if often the case, the children were less than helpful when standing together, but were quite keen on showing their natural smiles when getting dirty playing about in the dirt, climbing trees, or picking flowers.

Mitcham Reserve

The reserve was the original centre of colonial life in the old Mitcham Village. The reserve boasts a modern set of play equipment, multiple public BBQs and a marvellous gazebo open to the public to use. During the winter, Brownhill Creek runs through the reserve down through a wonderful canopy of oak trees where most of my favourite images from this engagement shoot took place.


Sfera’s Wedding Reception – Bronwyn & Robert

The final part of Bronwyn and Robert’s epic wedding day which saw us up at Seppeltsfield for preparation, then back down to the Gawler Uniting Church for the ceremony, the the Seppeltsfield Winery for glamour photos was their wedding reception at the increasingly popular Sfera’s in Modbury, right next to the Tea Tree Plaza shopping complex.

Sfera’s Wedding Reception

Sfera’s in Modbury is increasingly becoming a hugely popular wedding reception venue due to their wide range of affordable packages which range from simple to extravagant. They boast no less than 4 separate large venues to host a reception in and Bronwyn and Robert’s wedding reception was held in one of Sfera’s inside venues.

Sfera’s Gourmet Centre opened in 1986 with an extensive range of gourmet foods from fresh seafood, meat, poultry and game to fresh pasta products and gourmet deli items. Sfera’s Gourmet Centre was one of the first businesses in the north eastern suburbs to offer fully prepared items to heat and serve at home and to cater for larger functions by preparing and delivering food to a range of different social events in the community.

Sfera’s on the Park opened in 1997 and was an extremely successful venture by the Sfera family particularly in a very competitive wedding market. In 2002 a proposal was made by Michael Sfera to renovate the heritage listed Modbury School House building into an Italian restaurant serving exquisite meals in a fine dining setting and future plans for a large extension.

Playing around with light painting at wedding receptions is something I’m requested to do quite often from my wedding photography clients as many of my previous weddings have enjoyed breathtaking effects from previous attempts at light painting. I must say, Bronwyn and Robert were very good at standing still for extended periods, and I feel as though this is one of my better light painting wedding photos I’ve taken to date. Congrats guys!

The final surprise for the night was Bronwyn and Robert’s getaway car. The guests had covered it with postit notes and attached a traditional set of cans that trailed along behind the car drawing attention from passersby. I was just thinking earlier in the day how neat it would be if one of my wedding clients were to do this as I hadn’t seen it in my over 4 years experience shooting weddings. Well, lo and behold they actually did it at this wedding. It was as much of a surprise to me as it it was to Bronwyn and Robert as I had to quickly get some shots.

I’d very much like to thank Bronwyn and Robert for having me as their wedding photographer for their special day and I hope they enjoy the photos I’ve produced as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding Photos

After Bronwyn & Robert’s wedding ceremony at the Gawler Uniting Church we head off to take some glamour photographs in a variety of locations, including the Gawler gardens around the church, and Seppeltsfield Winery up in Seppeltsfield. We also stopped off in various locations around Seppeltsfield as it’s set in such a beautiful location, surrounded by the Barossa Valley with fantastic palm trees and vineyards.

Gawler Parklands wedding photos

The Gawler parklands within the town of Gawler, north of Adelaide are sprawling and diverse in nature. Gawler was the first country town settled in the state,, and is named after the second Governor of the colony of South Australia, George Gawler. Gawler is about 44km north of Adelaide.

Seppeltsfield Winery Wedding Photos

Seppeltsfield winery boasts a beautifully manicured central garden surrounded by old rustic buildings with wild, luck green forestry nearby and of course the Seppeltsfield winery vineyards. It;s pretty much the perfect location of a wedding photographer such as myself. The Seppeltsfield winery was originally build in 1888 as a Gravity Flow Winery. Established in 1888, the historic building was designed and constructed by Oscar Benno Seppelt, son of Seppeltsfield founders Joseph & Johanna. Built into the hillside on a series of terraces, the visionary winery was the largest and most modern of its type in the world during the late 19th century.

For almost 100 years, the 1888 Gravity Flow cellar served as Seppeltsfield’s chief winemaking facility. Having played an important role in shaping the foundation of Australia’s wine landscape, it was eventually decommissioned in the 1980’s due to the need for significant restoration. The cellar lay dormant for nearly 30 years until it was revived under Warren Randall with the change of Seppeltsfield’s ownership in 2007. A million-dollar investment restored the seppeltsfield winery to a world-class facility for vintage 2010.

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Gawler Uniting Church Wedding – Bronwyn & Robert

Bronwyn & Robert’s wedding at the Gawler Uniting Church was a beautiful wedding in beautiful surrounds set against beautiful weather on the 21st of January 2015. The day was just beautiful. Did I mention beautiful? With the boys getting ready all the way out in Seppeltsfield, and the girls getting ready in Gawler, then heading back up to Seppeltsfield winery for glamour shots, and finally the reception being in Modbury’s Sferas the trek for both myself and my second photographer who lives south of the city was quite exhausting. Bronwyn and Robert opted to hire me as their wedding photographer for the entire day with an additional photographer present for a couple of hours.

Groomsmen preparation

The groomsmen were getting ready in a family owned farm in Seppltsfield, north of Adelaide. The house was a quaint, homey farmhouse surrounded by vineyards and rolling wine-region hills.

Bridal Party Preparation

Bronwyn and her entourage were getting prepared just around the corner from the Gawler Uniting Church, so their journey was not as far as that for the boys. The girls were getting prepared in the house Bronwyn and Robert share. We had a lot of fu re-arranging the furniture to get the best vantage points for photos using a lovely bay window they had and spiral stair case.

Gawler Uniting Church Wedding Ceremony

The Gawler Uniting Church is an imposing piece of architecture, looming over the local supermarket and parklands. It was built in 1869 as a Wesleyan Methodist church in a Gothic style, replacing a church built in 1850 which we also utilised for a few photos. I believe the old church is now used as a charity center. The inside of the Gawler Uniting Church is no less inspiring featuring a very high ceiling and impressive woodwork behind the altar. I’d hazard a guess the maximum capacity of this 2 aisle church would be no less than 300-400 people.

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