Sferas Wedding Reception Light Painting

Sfera’s Wedding Reception – Bronwyn & Robert

The final part of Bronwyn and Robert’s epic wedding day which saw us up at Seppeltsfield for preparation, then back down to the Gawler Uniting Church for the ceremony, the the Seppeltsfield Winery for glamour photos was their wedding reception at the increasingly popular Sfera’s in Modbury, right next to the Tea Tree Plaza shopping complex.

Sfera’s Wedding Reception

Sfera’s in Modbury is increasingly becoming a hugely popular wedding reception venue due to their wide range of affordable packages which range from simple to extravagant. They boast no less than 4 separate large venues to host a reception in and Bronwyn and Robert’s wedding reception was held in one of Sfera’s inside venues.

Sfera’s Gourmet Centre opened in 1986 with an extensive range of gourmet foods from fresh seafood, meat, poultry and game to fresh pasta products and gourmet deli items. Sfera’s Gourmet Centre was one of the first businesses in the north eastern suburbs to offer fully prepared items to heat and serve at home and to cater for larger functions by preparing and delivering food to a range of different social events in the community.

Sfera’s on the Park opened in 1997 and was an extremely successful venture by the Sfera family particularly in a very competitive wedding market. In 2002 a proposal was made by Michael Sfera to renovate the heritage listed Modbury School House building into an Italian restaurant serving exquisite meals in a fine dining setting and future plans for a large extension.

Playing around with light painting at wedding receptions is something I’m requested to do quite often from my wedding photography clients as many of my previous weddings have enjoyed breathtaking effects from previous attempts at light painting. I must say, Bronwyn and Robert were very good at standing still for extended periods, and I feel as though this is one of my better light painting wedding photos I’ve taken to date. Congrats guys!

The final surprise for the night was Bronwyn and Robert’s getaway car. The guests had covered it with postit notes and attached a traditional set of cans that trailed along behind the car drawing attention from passersby. I was just thinking earlier in the day how neat it would be if one of my wedding clients were to do this as I hadn’t seen it in my over 4 years experience shooting weddings. Well, lo and behold they actually did it at this wedding. It was as much of a surprise to me as it it was to Bronwyn and Robert as I had to quickly get some shots.

I’d very much like to thank Bronwyn and Robert for having me as their wedding photographer for their special day and I hope they enjoy the photos I’ve produced as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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