SvenStudios Photo Booth

SvenStudios Photo Booth

Over the past few months I’ve been quietly using the newly built SvenStudios Photo Booth in various situations including a 21st birthday, and last night a wedding at the Donarto Reception Center for clients looking for a quality, but cost effective alternative to some of the other Photo Booth suppliers out there.

The SvenStudios Photo Booth offers complete flexibility in it’s size and therefore it’s location at your function, also be it a wedding reception or casual get together, the print outs can also be customised to your specifications. I built the SvenStudios Photobooth with flexibility, form and function in mind which means that the end result is a smooth, easy to use photo booth experience with great results.

SvenStudios Photo Booth Setup

As you can see in the following photos of the SvenStudios Photo Booth in use, the unique nature of the open air photo booth allows for party goers to enjoy watching others and joining in on photos on the fly. The atmosphere this creates can be a lot of fun for all involved.

SvenStudios Photo Booth Results

The Photo Booth comes with a selection of different multiple-photo templates for which to print off a customizable momento, or keepsake of your event. What sets us apart is that we offer full 6×4″ prints rather than the tiny 6×2″ prints most Photo Booth vendors produce. Here are a few samples.

Hire the SvenStudios Photo Booth

In order to hire the SvenStudios Photo Booth, all you need to do is browse the different options and price list available on the Photo Booth Service Page and then send SvenStudios and email. As the Photo Booth is a new venture for us, our prices are more than reasonable and for the service provided is the cheapest in Adelaide. We don’t believe in restricting our service to an hourly rate unless requested and provide our services, including our wedding photography on the basis of what we would like to receive if it were ourselves receiving our service. In other words we aim to please and our Photo Booth is sure to.

SvenStudios Photo Booth

SvenStudios Photo Booth Hire

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