Adelaide Church wedding photography

Over the past few year of being a wedding photographer based in Adelaide, I’ve come across quite a few interesting tidbits relating to Adelaide’s reputation as a city of Churches. The first of course is the great diversity of Churches located in Adelaide. Having to do Church Wedding Photography around Adelaide is a simple proposition due to their great differences. Did you know that the city of Adelaide isnot known as the ‘city of churches’ due to the mere number of Churches around the city? In fact, on both the actual number of churches in Adelaide and the number of churches per 100,000 people, Adelaide is not in first or second spot when compared to other major Australian cities. It’s rather to do with the fact that when Adelaide was founded, the churches built have reflected the different architectural styles of differing parts of the world over the years and still stand today dominating the city skyline. The churches are the oldest buildings in Adelaide; among them, Holy Trinity Anglican Church on North Terrace (1838) and the Quaker Meeting House in Pennington Terrace (1840). More than anywhere else, Adelaide churches have influenced the aesthetic direction of surrounding buildings and have caused visitors to describe the city as a city of Churches.

Adelaide Church Wedding Photography

Having such a wide influence on the aesthetic direction of Churches in and around Adelaide causes a wide array of different opportunities as a wedding photographer. I have photographed weddings in Catholic, Anglican, Greek Orthodox, Chinese Traditional and a few other types of churches and each time I see something new. Occasionally Church Wedding Photography can be challenging as older churches aren’t as well lit as more modern churches, the ornate nature of Greek Orthodox churches allows for a vastly different image than say a relatively plain Anglican Church. I thought I’d put together a bit of a photo essay to illustrate my experiences with Church Wedding Photography.

The Gawler Uniting church is a huge place, surrounded on one side by the old grounds of the Church and on the other a supermarket. The insides is a fairly typical affair of wooden pews and large organ at the front. It’s quite a large church which allowed for plenty of light to filter through. I did not have much trouble exposing during Bronwyn and Robert’s wedding.

The Sacred Heart Chapel by comparison is much smaller but far more ornate in styling, you can see the lovely concrete arches and interesting religious artifacts scattered about the walls of the Chapel. It was however very dark within the church, which I alluded to earlier when I said it can be a problem when undertaking Church Wedding Photography, but this can also lead to rather moody, interesting images which worked well with Jacinda and Lee’s wedding.

The most recent outing undertaking Adelaide Church wedding photography was at the small, modern St Francis of Assisi Church on South road for Kerry and Kevin’s wedding. The great thing about modern Churches are their thoughtfulness on behalf of us wedding photographers. The St Francis of Assisi Church has ample large windows and marvelous mood-setting stained glass windows with added to the feel of the place.

Possibly my most favourite of Adelaide churches I’ve had the privilege of being a wedding photographer for was Annie and DJ’s wedding at the St Volodymyr & St. Olha Ukrainian catholic Church. Such an amazing looking place from inside and out. the Church boasts wall to wall golden murals and sacred locations all over. You could spend all day wandering about taking it all in.

There is such diversity in taking Church Wedding Photography around Adelaide, it makes visiting new Churches fun and interesting

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