St Francis of Assisi Church Wedding

St Francis of Assisi Church Wedding – Kerry & Kevin

Kerry and Kevin’s wedding took place at the St Francis of Assisi Church, just past the South road/Cross road over ramp. It’s a pretty little church inside and provided plenty of light for me as their wedding photographer. Kerry and Kevin also opted to take advantage of my engagement shoot offer where if a couple were to book me for their wedding photography, I’m able to photograph an engagement set of images for a cheap rate. After the ceremony at the St Francis of Assisi Church, we headed back to the same park where we took their engagement shots for their bridal glamour shots. For their reception Kerry and Kevin chose Ten22, a reception hall located near the Castle Plaza shopping center.


Both Kerry and Kevin were getting ready at their home, with one half of the house dedicated to Kevin and the boys, and the other to Kerry and her girls. With 4 children to look after the kids were everywhere when the camera was involved. All 4 children were easy to work with and loved having their photo taken. Kevin had three groomsmen and along with the two boys made a party of  five.

Kerry’s bridal party had two ladies and one Man of honour, coupled with two girls. There were prepared in the kitchen and living area of their house, where as the boys were being prepared in the front sitting room.

St Francis of Assisi Church wedding ceremony

The St Francis of Assisi Church has been operating on the site it currently is for over 80 years. The church is a fairly modern and airy affair having been built more recently than that. The church has seating for quite a large congregation despite it’s misleading size from the outside, and boasts a lovely looking organ and floor to roof stained glass windows behind the main altar.

Mitcham Reserve Glamour Photos

After the ceremony at the St Francis of Assisi Church, we had a short drive to Mitcham Reserve, where Kerry and Kevin chose to have both their engagement photos and now their wedding glamour photos taken. The park unfortunately had lost it’s lovely green foliage which was there for their engagement photos, but did have a lovely amount of water running through it’s small creek.

Ten22 Wedding Reception

Ten22 is a wedding reception location which takes it’s name from it’s address, at 1022 South road. It’s a styled industrial rustic warehouse boutique venue located just 15 minutes south from the CBD. It’s perfect for those who are wanting a contemporary alternative to the customary event space.

I’d like to thank Kerry and Kevin for choosing me as their wedding photographer at their St Francis of Assisi church wedding and I hope their enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

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