Brougham Place Uniting Church Wedding – Wendy & Steve

Wendy and Steve’s wedding ceremony took place in the Brougham Place Uniting Church in North Adelaide. However, Wendy and Steve’s wedding was not conducted in the usual order in which bride and groom met each other for the first time on the day at their Church, but rather have been visiting Himeji and Veale Gardens beforehand for glamour photos after having participated in Chinese traditional customs at their house. To take a look at Wendy and Steve’s glamour photos taken before their Brougham Place Uniting Church Wedding ceremony, you can view them here.

Brougham Place Uniting Church Wedding Ceremony

The Brougham Place Uniting Church has been standing on the ‘hill’ of North Adelaide for more than 150 years. The church was founded, as a ‘Congregational’ Church, on the 20th of October, 1859.  It’s distinctive shape, coupled with the church’s famed stained glass windows has earned  the Brougham Place Uniting Church “Light on the Hill.” both playing on the fact that it looks somewhat like a lighthouse, with a lot of colourful glass, while also being a house of god the ‘light of the world’.

North Adelaide Glamour Photos

Directly after their Brougham Place Uniting Church ceremony, Wendy and Steve opted to walk about on the lawn directly opposite the church as a bit of an opportunity for more glamour photos. We had spent the better part of the day taking glamour photos beforehand but we needed more for their videographer who was only on site for their ceremony. We also made a stop at Adelaide University on the way to Wendy and Steve’s reception venue, The Ballroom and Kozak Bar.

The Ballroom & Kozak Bar reception

Wendy and Steve’s reception at the The Ballroom & Kozak Bar was possibly the best wedding reception I had been to. Having Chinese families, the The Ballroom & Kozak Bar staff made available an astonishing Chinese-styled banquet menu, with upwards of 8 meals including but not limited to half a lobster each! It was exquisite. The Ballroom itself is wonderfully modern and airy, exhibiting a blend of contemporary and stylish design,  showcasing 20’ high ceilings, 2 stunning crystal chandeliers, a room full of down lights and wall lights, along with  a display of large wall mirrors and charming jarrah flooring.

I’d like to thank Wendy and Steve for having me as their wedding photographer for their amazing wedding. Both myself and my second photographer had a ball of a time and hope you enjoy your photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Himeji Gardens Wedding – Wendy & Steve

Other than the prospect of using Adelaide’s amazing Himeji Gardens for a wedding shoot, I was in for a treat at Wendy and Steve’s wedding. Photographing a traditional Chinese morning ceremony before a wedding was new to me in my 4 years as a wedding photographer, and then heading out after to do the glamour photos at Himeji Gardens before the ceremony was also quite different. Wendy and Steve’s families congregated for lunch to participate in and witness the trials Wendy’s bridesmaids set for Steve and his groomsmen in order to see Wendy as a bride. We then set out for Himeji Gardens and Veale Gardens for glamour photos before their ceremony taking place at the magnificent Brougham Place Uniting Church and reception at the Ballroom & Kozak Bar.

Wendy and Steve opted to take advantage of my all encompassing full day wedding photography package coupled with a second photographer throughout the day. It was a very long day for us, starting at 9am and not finishing until close to midnight, but we enjoyed every moment of it. Due to the length of the day and variety of different locations visited during the wedding however, I;ve decided to spread this wedding preview over two pages.

Preparation Photos

Wendy and Steve were prepared at separate houses, with my second photographer looking after Steve and his groomsmen, while I went straight to Wendy and her bridesmaids.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

While Wendy and Steve were not having a fully traditional Chinese wedding, they did want to participate in some traditional activities before the wedding ceremony. First, Wendy’s bridesmaids put together a set of trials for Steve and his groomsmen to successfully master in order to see Wendy in the morning. These involved things as innocent as asking Steve personal questions about Wendy, through to hanging grapes between each other’s legs in order to Steve to eat, and transferring an orange mouth to mouth. It’s this kind of fun activity that makes me love doing what I do. I had never participated in a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony like this before, and having just visited China a few months prior, it was very interesting to see the kind of activities one does at a Chinese wedding.

After this fun activity, the more serious events took place. Each significant member of the family and wellwishers of Wendy and Steve were presented a cup of tea in exchange for a gift. This tea ceremony was a wonderful way to show formal appreciation of the effort their guests had made to see Wendy and Steve on their wedding day. Each set of guests were then positioned in front of a traditional Chinese red wedding banner for a photo.

After the traditional events were over, Wendy and Steve reverted to a more western style wedding, with Wendy ducking out to change into a white wedding dress before heading out to the Benjamin on Franklin for a pub lunch and then Himeji Gardens for glamour photos.

Himeji Gardens Glamour Photos

The Himeji gardens would have to be one of the quintessential locations for Adelaide wedding photography being one of the most serene and beautiful destinations in Adelaide. With weddings no longer allowed to take place directly within the walls of the garden, wedded couples are free to walk about after, or in this case before, their wedding ceremony. The traditional Japanese gardens were a gift from Adelaide’s sister city, Himeji hence the name ‘Himeji Gardens’. Since 1982, the gardens have provided a shady refuge from the busy city streets. It was originally designed by council staff; however, following two visits by Japanese landscape designer, Yoshitaka Kumada in the late 1980s, its layout was improved to adhere to traditional principles. The garden in split into a sansui, a “mountain and lake garden”, and a karesansui a “dry rock garden” intended to evoke mountains surrounded by water.

After visiting Himeji Gardens, we went over the road to walk around veale gardens, another popular wedding spot for Adelaide wedding photography, thanks to it’s magnificent rock pools and large open, sweeping lawns.