The wonderful wedding of Irina and Jack took place at the Sinclairs Gully Winery located in the Adelaide Hills and it was an absolute joy to be their wedding photographer! Irina and Jack had a very laid back personality and were quite keen on having a wedding day that really reflected that. The weather was very warm, but the venue’s location really mitigated the harshest of the sun by having overhanging trees all around the main congregation area. Irina and Jack had both their ceremony and reception at the cellar door outside on the grass, so it could not have been a more perfect night for it. I was in attendance for 7 hours as they took advantage of my very flexible wedding photography packages to perfectly cater to their needs.

Preparation photos

Jack and his groomsmen were getting prepared at their house in Kensington Gardens, East of Adelaide. Quite a typical affair of having a BBQ lunch and getting dressed as I arrived.

Irina and her bridesmaids were being prepared at Irina’s parents house in the picturesque valley of Piccadilly. The house was surrounded by lush green foliage which I took great advantage of for a few photos with the wedding dress. Another thing that struck me as magnificent about this house was the artwork hanging on every single spare wall about the house! Turns out Irina’s father is quite an accomplished artist.

Sinclairs Gully Winery wedding ceremony

All throughout editing this wedding, I’d constantly exclaim my amazement at the beauty surrounding the venue. The weather, the venue, the people all combined perfectly to make this one of the easier weddings I’ve covered in the way that almost every shot I took was near perfect. The winery have not been offering wedding packages for very long, but after talking to the very friendly owners for a bit, it turns out that the venue has become quite popular having being booked out for quite a while. I can see why. The whole setting is lovely and intimate with the old brick cellar building alongside a lovely vine-covered dance floor and sprawling grassy area covered with beautiful large gum trees. The vineyard is a short walk away next to a wallaby enclosure and features a lovely grassy knoll perfect for silhouette shots.

Glamour Shoot

We head off over the hill near the vineyard for a bit of a glamour shoot. Unfortunately as I had said before, the weather was very warm and walking up the hill was a bit of a struggle, but we managed and I’m so very glad we did. The hill at the top is perfectly aligned to take advantage of the wonderfully clear sky and sun with little vegetation sticking through to dirty up the image. I was very happy with images I produced up there.


Being such a warm day it was a perfect night to have a wedding reception outside. Good thing too as apparently they did not have much of a contingency plan, but anyway it all turned out perfectly! The head table was situated on a small platform where Irina and Jack were previously wed. It’s a bit of a strange area actually, being about 2m below the rest of the congregation it was difficult to get through the crowd to take photos, but I managed.

This wedding was a joy to photograph and I very much hope Irina and Jack enjoy their wedding photography as much as I enjoyed producing it!

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