Monika and Craig were wed at the stunningly beautiful Leonards Mill in Second Valley, located south of Adelaide. The entire day worked out beautifully with amazing weather, a wonderfully laid back and fun loving demeanour from Monika and Craig and wonderful photo opportunities presented themselves all day. Monkia and Craig took advantage of my fully customisable wedding photography package which saw me with them for 5 hours. This was plenty of time for me to cover both preparation locations due to the fact that Monika and Craig were within walking distance form one another, their ceremony at Leonards Mill, photos down at the Second Valley beach front and the beginning of their reception, back at Leonards Mill.

Preparation Photos

It was awfully convenient that Monika and Craig were being prepared in such close vicinity to one another, as this cut down on travel time while I was moving between locations. In fact Craig’s preparation location was within walking distance form Leonards Mill, through a beautiful piece of Australian bush. We made good use of this lovely area after the ceremony for glamour photos.


Monika was being prepared at Leonards Mill itself, in one of their bed and breakfast style accommodations. The small simple accommodation provided the bridal party with a wonderfully rustic backdrop surrounded by beautiful green foliage.

Leonards Mill Wedding Ceremony

Leonards Mill is a beautiful, impressive roadside building which has been converted from a 166 year old flour mill. Set among picturesque gardens, this rustic restaurant and function centre is a marvellous wedding venue, suitable for smaller wedding parties during the summer with the large undercover sitting area located to the side of the old building under a large verandah structure.

When I had been to Leonards Mill in the past, I noticed that as the sun goes down, the bride and groom are generally receive the full force of it’s light when standing in the usual location for a wedding at Leonards Mill. Thankfully, Monika and Craig had chosen a different location, just off to the left of the main tree in the gardens to hold their wedding ceremony, thereby shielding both themselves and their guests from the uncomfortable sun beating down on them.

Glamour photoshoot

Our first place we set off to was right next door to the Leonards Mill gardens, with a magnificent, old gum tree and long brown grass giving photos taken a great whimsical feel to them. We then headed back to the gardens for a few shots and a drink. The weather was getting quite warm throughout the day so we tried to keep the whole affair quite laid back. We then headed down to the Second Valley beach front, where unfortunately many dozens of people also had the same idea, but it was a very warm day and it’s an amazing beach so can’t blame them really 🙂

Leonards Mill wedding reception

Monika and Craig’s reception party was a simple affair, outside under the large verandah which the walls were opened up to allow for sweeping views of the grassy area out front. All speeches were wonderfully heartfelt and it was an absolute joy to be a part of.

I’d like to thank Monika and Craig for having me as their wedding photographer, and I hope they enjoy their wedding photos as much as I had creating them!

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