Drone laws relaxing from September

As some of you may know, I’ve been researching and looking into ways I can provide something that hasn’t become very widespread in regards to wedding photography yet, and that is aerial photography using a drone. I have recently purchased a drone and have been using it recreationally and producing some very nice images which I’m currently not able to commercially use due to current Australian law. However CASA, or the Civil Aviation Authority for Australia have just announced that “Commercial operators of very small remotely piloted aircraft will no longer need to obtain a number of regulatory approvals. This includes an operator’s certificate and a remote pilot licence.” Or in other words, we can all look forward to drone laws relaxing.

Drone laws relaxing

These new laws should come into effect from the end of September this year, meaning that the huge amount of fees and red tape required to currently operate a drone legally in Australia will be cut back quite a bit. Currently obtaining a drone’s ‘pilot license’ and an operator’s manual (UOC) from CASA can cost upwards of $10,000 total. This change will allow operators of small (sub 2kg) drones like myself to inform CASA of any intended flights via an online portal and operate commercially legally without the huge financial hit doing so would cost currently.

SvenStudios will offer drone wedding photography from October

As a result I can cautiously announce that SvenStudios will be offering drone wedding photography from October, provided of course that these changes to the laws go through. Pricing will be very competative and the whole experience should add a vastly different dynamic to your wedding photography!


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