Lucy and James held their surprise wedding at the Saint Francis Winery in Old Reynella. If you aren’t aware of the dynamics of surprise weddings, they can be a lot of fun to be a part of, particularly as a wedding photographer. It’s fun as you generally turn up to a party that is otherwise going swimmingly, when a photographer with a giant camera shows up and starts taking your picture 🙂 Now obviously it’s not often you attend a small party, even an engagement party – as is what Lucy and James’ guest thought they were attending, where there is a professional photographer in attendance. So there was a bit of surprise.

Before Party

Lucy and James’ guests were invited to their engagement party and were treated to a lovely spread put out by the Saint Francis Winery, including cheeses, fruits and meat platters, including an open bar. The congregation was located out the front of the Winery, near the famed pond next to South road when I arrived amd all were having a great time 🙂 Not many even noticed Lucy and James slink off to change into their wedding finery.

Saint Francis Winery Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony was set up within around 30 minutes, before the ceremony, but after everyone had arrived so that the secret was not blown. In past weddings I have covered at the Saint Francis Winery, the ceremony itself has taken place next to the lake, out the front of the winery, however as this one needed to be ‘hidden’, the ceremony took place in the grassy courtyard area surrounded by hotel rooms.

Glamour photos

Between their ceremony and their reception, Lucy and James had barely 40 minutes of sunlight in order to walk around the winery grounds for their glamour photos. But we made good use of the available light and took some crackers.

Wedding reception

I was only able to stay for a portion of Lucy and James’ reception as they had opted for having me at their wedding using my very affordable 3 hour package. In the limited amount of time I was there for, I was able to cover their first dance, speeches and even their wedding cake cutting.

Thankyou Lucy and James for having me at your lovely surprise wedding, it was a lot of fun to be a part of!

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