After their beautiful ceremony at the historic Carclew house in North Adelaide, Vivian and Rohan held their wedding reception at the magnificent Mortlock library. This place is one of those locations that wedding photographers such as myself dream of shooting at, as the Mortlock Library provides sumptuous backdrops for some really intricate looking wedding photographs. It’s just a stunning space to visit and work in.

While commonly known as the Mortlock library as a wedding venue title, the building is actually now only a wing of the overall State library. The building now known as the Mortlock Wing was opened on 18 December 1884 as a Public Library, Museum and Art Gallery for the colony of South Australia with 23,000 books and a staff of three. In modern times, the Mortlock wing has been sandwiched between more modern additions to the state library and state museum, but the old French Renaissance design of the building is still freely visible and celebrated. The Mortlock library as a wedding venue actually boasts two separate locations to hold wedding celebrations. In Vivian and Rohan’s case we were heading to the larger, and grander of the two galleries which had been set up as a grand dining hall, complete with the marvellous two tiered book shelves lined with thousands of books all propped up on huge masonry columns. It’s really not hard at all to see why the library has been included in the world’s top 20 most beautiful libraries.

Mortlock Library Glamour photos

After arriving at the library after their wedding ceremony at Carclew house, we had a bit of time to make use of the stunning surroundings for a few glamour shots of Vivian and Rohan. The most stereotypical shot at this locations would have to be the bride and groom hanging out doing lovey dovey stuff near the Dent and Sons clock at one end. That clock by the way cost £50 in 1885, which is equivalent to $7,000 today. It’s stereotypical for a reason.. just look at those wonderful leading lines straight through the image lined with the texture of old books. It’;s an incredible sight.

Mortlock Library Wedding Reception

The reception itself was spread right throughout the main hall, with tables from the dance floor at one end to the taxidermy eagle at the other. The head table was located at the center, allowing for easy access for all guests to congratulate Vivian and Rohan. It was a fun night to be a part of, everyone there were really fun loving people, eager to get up and dance, while being a blast to talk to. I had a lot of fun!

I;d like to thank Vivian and Rohan for having me be their wedding photographer on their most beautiful of days. I was incredibly excited to be a part of your wedding, and I hope you like your photos as much as I enjoyed creating them!

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  1. Darren Harvey
    Darren Harvey says:

    We are proud of Rohan and Vivian. Their wedding was memorable and we were pleased to be included. Wishing them a happy future together… Darren and Christine


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