Online RSVP website

Online RSVP website

Putting together wedding invites and sending them out is a huge undertaking for many people when organising a wedding. First you need to make a list of guests, cull that list so they fit in your venue, and then design, print and hopefully get back a whole heap of RSVPs. The latter aspect of organising wedding invites is often the most frustrating and difficult to successfully achieve, so I’d like to announce the launch of the new online RSVP website service by SvenStudios, one that should make the receiving of your RSVPs that much simpler.

Imagine having an Online RSVP website, where your guests can be directed to as part of their overall invite. My own personal wedding invites included a ‘save the date’ card complete with a website address to which guests can visit to instantly send us their RSVP intentions. Only a week or so after sending out our invites, we already have dozens of RSVPs received through our website, along with a couple  of snail mail RSVPs from those of us not familiar with using the internet for such things.

Online RSVP website example

If you click below you will be taken to my own personal wedding RSVP webpage, As you can see what SvenStudios offers with our online RSVP website is a modern – sleek and simple design developed so that your guests have access to your wedding’s details at any point in time. They are also able to send you directly their RSVP via email complete with any number of fun questions you might think up for your RSVP survey. This should save you money on postage and also save paper if you have concerns of the environment.


I am offering this service, complete with customizable .com address and 6 months worth of hosting, along with a whole host of other features you can read at the SvenStudios Wedding Invite Website services page. You can include features like instagram hashtag integration and even a photo booth photo display (if combined with the SvenStudios photo booth) for a reasonable starting price of $280, or when coupled with an engagement shoot, $550. This represents a saving of $80, and also a chance to have your online RSVP website glistening with amazing professional, love filled photographs, sure to have your guests in awe.

Having an online RSVP website can add that extra little bit of a modern touch to your wedding, giving all of your guests with a simpler, more cost-effective way of sending back their RSVP in response to your wedding invite, the process is simple in that you’d send me all the details, and information needed to go onto the website and I will set up and create a personalized site just for your wedding.

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