Drone wedding photography

Drone wedding photography available now

I’m pleased to announce that due to a change in laws in Australia, SvenStudios is able to offer all clients the use of our professional standard drone at wedding venues where the usual drone use restrictions allow for it. FROM TODAY! Drone wedding photography has really ‘taken off’ overseas and now with these new laws, operators such as myself are able to use our small drones for weddings in Australia. In the past, operators would have to shell out thousands of dollars for an operator’s certificate. Operator’s certificates still allow for less restricted use of drones, however for the use at a wedding, the new rules are more than enough.

If you’d desire the use of the SvenStudios drone at your wedding, currently I will not be charging any extra for it’s use. So if your venue fits the standard operation conditions set out by CASA and you inform me with at least 5 days notice before your wedding, then I’d be able to bring it out for some different perspective shots. The use of a drone will allow me to capture some amazing shots from high in the air, which is useful for group shots, artistic shots and shots you just wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

Drone wedding photography available now!

With any new technology available to professionals, there are some restrictions in place by law. As long as your wedding venue is not within 5.5km of any airfield and it doesn’t require flying over a populated or built up area, then there should be no problem using the drone. There are other restrictions in place, but as long as your venue meets those two requirements, the other restrictions should not be a problem.

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