Footage of a wedding photographer working

I’ve always wanted to put together a bit of a background video showing how I work on the day of a wedding, and what I do to create those stunning images my clients know and love. So this footage of a wedding photographer is actually me walking about and taking photos at a real wedding; the wedding of Kathryn and Mark in Darwin. The day was an absolutely stunning day in Darwin, and as my first destination wedding, I was super keen on getting on with the job 🙂 I had my fiancee follow me about and take footage of how I work, and this is the result.

Footage of a wedding photographer

I’m really pleased at how it turned out and made me thinking I may well offer short videos like this to compliment my award winning wedding photography. Would anyone be interested in this? Having a video like this put together adds a whole other dimension to still images. Naturally a short video like this would not be focusing on the wedding photographer, but rather the wedding itself 🙂 Like I said before I just wanted to produce a video like this, taken at a real wedding to show how I usually work in real time.

I’m also looking forward to coving more weddings in Darwin as the city offers some incredible backdrops in the form of sunsets and possibly large lighting storms! Travelling up from Adelaide is no problem for me and I’d certainly make it worth considering me as your wedding photographer!

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