ABIA BAG competition 2017 - win $75,000 for your wedding

ABIA BAG competition 2017 – win $75,000 for your wedding

As a newly accredited member of ABIA – the Australian wedding directory – SvenStudios has been invited to contribute to and participate in their annual ABIA BAG competition. BAG stands for Bride and Groom, and all you have to do to participate is fill in your details of your upcoming wedding at their competition website. Entered bride and groom can win a ‘dream wedding’ with prizes worth over $75,000, including my own contribution to the prize pool of a $1500 photography voucher! First price in the ABIA BAG competition is $10,000 cash to be spent on any ABIA accredited services.

It’s a pretty exciting competition to enter as you could potentially have a huge chunk of your wedding paid for by simply filling out a survey form about your upcoming wedding.

ABIA BAG competition

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