It was an overcast day in March when Renee and Liam were wed at the historic Mount Lofty House. The location is always a wonderful venue, overlooking the valley at the foot of Mt Lofty accompanied by the wonderful architecture of the house itself. Renee and Liam had me capture their wedding photography for 3 hours utilising my wonderfully customizable packages. Aside from a little hiccup at the beginning of the wedding ceremony the day went very smoothly, and planned intimate wedding went off without a hitch 🙂

Before the wedding

Having arrived a little early as I usually do, I was following Liam and their little page boy around as they were setting up. The weather was threatening all morning to open up, and fortunately only a small smattering of rain fell, and with the Mount Lofty House supplied umbrellas covering everyone, no one got wet. The nerves of Liam were taken for a bit of a ride however as Renee unfortunately ran a little late due to having forgotten the wedding rings on the other side of the city. 🙂

Mount Lofty House wedding ceremony

After Renee arriving around 70 minutes late, the wedding ceremony took place with little interruption on the raised grassy area directly in front of the House which was an ideal location for an intimate guest list such as this. The rain fell a tiny bit, but it had no effect on the joy shown by the bride and groom and their guests.

Glamour photos

Directly after the ceremony we had around 20-30 minutes to walk around the wonderful gardens surrounding the house, which wasn’t a huge amount of time, but was ample time to get some great shots one-the-less. Renee and Liam were keen on getting back to their reception as soon as possible so were quite easy to work with.

Mount Lofty House wedding reception

Mount Lofty House has a number of different locations on site suitable to host wedding receptions, Renee and Liam’s case they chose to use the Couch House located behind the house. The reception hall is suitable for a small gathering being a converted coach house used by the historic owners of Mount Lofty House. It now has a private bar and private decking outside for guests to mingle on. The reception itself was a lovely simple affair with the guests having fun chatting and talking to one another up until I left.

I’d like to thank Renee and Liam for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope their enjoy their photos! 😀

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