Star Wars Wedding Photo

Star Wars Wedding Photo trend

Possibly due to the resurgence of the popularity of Star Wars, or just because Star Wars is awesome, it hasn’t been uncommon at recent weddings to request photoshopped a Star Wars Wedding Photo. It’s possibly the most common request these days, where as in the past it’s been dinosaurs or zombies. These types of photos are always a bit of fun to shoot, as it requires wedding guests to roleplay as characters in the Star Wars universe and pretend to be within a warzone. I always have a big smile on my face as I sit down and edit these scenes, as it’s such a different image to produce when considering wedding photos. Below is one such photo I put together for Rebecca and Simon.

Star Wars Wedding Photo Process

The most recent wedding I put together a Star Wars Wedding Photo for was the Edwardstown Baptist Church wedding for Chloe and Alex. As we were walking around a forest-type location for their glamour photos, I suggested that a small-scale skirmish type scene would be best. So we got the bridal party to surround Chloe, Alex and their flower girl, then pretend they were attacking each other with light sabers. This sort of situation always gets a laugh 🙂

This is the behind-the-scenes process to create such an image from the original photo.

Original Photo

As you can see, if I included the original photo onto the finished album, people would look a little strangely towards the bride and groom thinking there was some sort of hidden martial arts love between them that they weren’t aware of. The idea here is to imagine that each of the members of the bridal party are in the act of attacking one another. The trick to making it look good is to have each of them try to do something slightly different to each other at differing heights.

Step 1

The first step is adding the usual colour and contrast corrections that one would usually perform.

Step 2

I then went ahead and crudely added some lightsaber beams into the hands of some of the bridal party. I also tried to give a little diversity to the ‘fighters’ by adding a blaster gun to the flower girl, and planned to add lightning coming from the groomsman on the right.

Step 3

After adding the foreground lightsabers, I wanted to add an AT-ST walker in the background to replicate what happened at the battle for Endor. So I added one in, blurred it a bit so that it didn’t take too much of the focus away from the bridal party, but also added a bit of blaster fire with an explosion just to spice things up a bit.

Final step

Finally, some atmospheric effects are added to create a sense of scenic epicness. Cropped, and rotated a little too.

This Star Wars Wedding Photo was one of the more simple to put together, but sometimes simple is better. The more time you put into images like this, the more epic and crazy the images can get 🙂 Let me know if you’d like a photo like this done for your own wedding!

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