Tracy and Jason held their wedding at the little known wedding venue of the Looking Glass Garden in the Marino area. I would have never known this place existed if it weren’t for Tracy and Jason holding their wedding there, and me being their wedding photographer. The area is a privately owned garden, with the owners living on site. It seems as though they rent out their garden for wedding ceremonies and small, intimate functions.

Before the Ceremony

Arriving early, as I usually do, I got to witness Jason and his son running about, helping everyone set up the garden with personal affects, such as hanging lanterns and ornaments in the trees around the ceremony location. It’s not a huge area, like some wedding venues, which was perfect for Tracy and Jason’s vision of a small, intimate ceremony surrounded by family and friends.

Looking Glass Garden Wedding Ceremony

The guest list of a round 30 people barely fit in the small, intimate area where the ceremony took place. There was a permanent purpose-built arbour built alongside a small pond, nestled amongst ample green foliage where Tracy and Jason tied the knot. This setting, coupled with the beautifully bright sunshine that beat down all day, made for a stunning setting for their wedding day.

Glamour Photos

I was around for another hour or so after the wedding ceremony to take some glamour photos in and around the Looking Glass Garden. It was a challenge to minimise the effect of the dappled lighting of the sun shining through the trees in every direction, so we tried to stay in the shade a bit and use the sun as a framing glow.

Tracy and Jason’s wedding was wonderfully intimate and I’m so glad they had me as a part of their big day! Thanks, and I hope you enjoy your photos.

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