It was a wonderfully sunny day for Jemma and Rohan’s intimate garden wedding at the Stockade Botanic Park to the north of Adelaide. I was asked to be their wedding photographer for their entire day, and it was awesome to see my name on their actual wedding sign listed in the credits! haha! Never seen that before 😀 Was a lot of fun to be a part of, and I hope Jemma and Rohan enjoy their photo preview!


I started the day as I usually do with the boys being prepared at a house together with family and friends. The boys were pretty laid back concerning themselves more about getting some Mcdonalds than fretting over Rophan getting married a bit later!

I arrived at Jemma’s place of preparation to Jemma just finishing off her makeup and the rest of the family having a nice little chat in the lounge room. Their ring security boy was the star of the show, wearing an awesome little three piece suit, complete with sunnies and fedora 🙂

Stockade Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

The Stockade Botanic Park has a number of locations suitable for hosting a wedding ceremony, from the sun soaked grassy hill with gazebo, to the shaded grassy area one side of the waterfall, then there’s the paved area on the other side of the waterfall, where Jemma and Rohan held their wedding ceremony. Jemma made use of the location to make a grand entrance down the tall staircase so that the entire congregation can watch as she walked down the hill. The ceremony was mostly shaded by the trees but the beating sun still managed to beat through quite a bit, bathing the whole ceremony in the warm sun.

Glamour Photos

Once sorting out all the family photos in the gardens, we used the gardens for some glamour photos before heading over to the Munno Para Community Center for the reception. Before heading in however we also used the nearby gum trees for some awesome shots as the sun was dipping lower in the sky.

Para Hills Community Club Wedding Reception

I was super happy to find out I was included on one of the tables as a guest AND featured on Jemma and Rohan’s wedding sign in the credits (which was pretty awesome!) The entire night was full of family fun, Bohemian Rhapsody singing and dancing. Was awesome to be a part of.

Thanks so much to Jemma and Rohan for having me do your wedding photography!

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