Hot on the heels of my rather successful foray into the Darwin wedding photography market with my satlite site of I’m please to announce my expansion in interstate wedding photography with the launching of my Hobart wedding photography site at and my Canberra wedding photography site at 

Being asked to travel interstate and internationally and use my ability as a wedding photographer is super exciting and I’m incredibly blessed to be in the position of demand in order to offer such a broad service! Coming in the next few months I’ll also be revealing some exciting other changes and services coming to SvenStudios, including an whole album overhaul and a venture into wedding videography! The aim being that I can offer all of these new services to my interstate and international bridal couples at very competitive rates.

Interstate Wedding Photography

Darwin Wedding Photography

Darwin was the first place I had the opportunity to stretch my legs a bit and cover a wedding interstate, and in fact it was the first time I had travelled to the Northern Territory! That was several years ago now and since then I’ve been back each year to cover photoshoots and weddings. Darwin is a magnificent place to travel to for this sort of thing, as my epic landscape photographer’s eye comes out to play in almost every location we visit. From the sunsets, the waterfalls and beaches, it’s a stunning place to host a wedding!

Hobart Wedding Photography

While I love the waterfalls and sunsets that are available when covering a Darwin wedding, Hobart wedding photography locations are just super lush with greens and are super accessible. I was recently down in tasmania to photograph the waterfalls around the Hobart local area, all within 20 minutes of the center of the city! The lush green Australian landscapes, the incredible rocky beaches and historic buildings around Tasmania – not just Hobart makes me super excited to travel down there for weddings!

Canberra Wedding Photography

Similarly with shooting weddings in Hobart, heading to Canberra for interstate wedding photography is an absolute dream, with the city’s curated gardens, and surrounding hilly bushland, the city suits my style of wedding photography to a tee so I’m super excited to be heading there more often to cover weddings also!

This year is turning out to be a super exciting one for me as a wedding photographer and I can’t wait to share what I create with everyone!

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