Katie & Jakob’s Framed Print

There is absolutely nothing better than seeing a perfect piece of art hanging on your wall, and even better is if that piece of art depicts one of the happiest moments of your life! Your wedding day. I just thought I’d show off Katie & Jakob’s Framed Print which I’m giving away to them as they recently won my annual people’s choice wedding photo of the year contest! They asked for some weathered wood framing to go along with the wonderful beach vibe their favourite photo from their day gives off and it turned out absolutely fantastically!

This is a timely reminder to those of you still sitting on your wedding photo USB, doing nothing with your images – or under utilising them by heading to cheap printers like Big W, etc that you should get out and have your images professionally printed and framed! You spent a lot of money planning your perfect wedding—from the dress to the details—and you hired a professional photographer to document your day, so clearly, the images are important to you. Prints made by a professional photo lab can last 100 years if properly displayed and up to 200 years if correctly stored. Just have a look at your grandparents photos and how much you cherish them – just think about your descendants and how much they would cherish your photos if you have them properly printed and have them last for generations – let alone the joy you’d get by looking at it everytime you walk by within your own home!

Please people! Get your wedding photos printed, or at least put them in an album so they can be appreciated! 😀 Seriously, do you wander through an art gallery and view the art on computer screens or TVs? no! The art is behind glass, printed or painted in actual ink or paint so you can utilise the full extent of your natural eyes! Having a proper print made of your favourite wedding photograph makes it so much more real and the feeling you get looking at it is unparalleled!

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