Ok, I know what you’re thinking, no it’s not April fools day, nor am I trying to make some stupid joke, I am actually writing this post because I’m super excited about the new frontier of photography in the form of underwater drones. I’m super excited to announce I’d love to use my drone for your underwater wedding photography! Or whatever really, as it’s super fun to use 😛 To the right you can checkout a simple test run I put together at the Port Noarlunga Jetty.

Underwater Wedding Photography

Now obviously little to no brides would want to dunk themselves while wearing their wedding gown, it’s sure to be destroyed and you can’t exactly invite many guests to your wedding… Unless you’re like this couple who are scuba divers and held their entire ceremony underwater.  But I’m more thinking along the line of if you’re looking to holding a destination wedding in Fiji like one I’m covering next year, or some other place with clear water, wouldn’t it be cool to get some shots of the two of you frolicking about underwater much like a drone would be able to flying overhead? Or even perhaps a trash the dress photoshoot where the entire purpose is about a month after your wedding ceremony we jump in the water? It’s more of an American thing to do, but I’d love to be a part of that! 😀

While you’re reading this I’ll actually be in Greece covering a destination wedding here, and while my Gladius Mini underwater drone was not required by the bridal couple on this trip to Europe, taking it to Fiji or Bali in my baggage would be a no brainer as I’d image we’d spend a day either side of your actual wedding day having a bit of a photoshoot along a beach, or lagoon or whatever and getting some awesome shots, away from the stress of your actual wedding day 😀 It’s just a shame that I doubt I’d be able to take it up to Darwin for any weddings up there as I’d be afraid it’d be eaten by a croc 😛

I’d even love to head down to place more local like Second Valley or something with one of my more adventurous brides? 😀 Anyone up for that? Underwater wedding photography would certainly make your wedding unique to look at!

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