TBL Editors Choice 2020 Award

Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner

Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner

I like to be in the habit of helping all the wedding vendors involved with the weddings I cover as a wedding photographer, and as such I like to share some of the photos I take with them. Much of the time vendors like makeup artists, or dress designers never get to see the fruits of their labour, as they arent usually on site when the ‘magic happens’ on a wedding day. So I like to share my photos with them! One way I do this is through Two Bright Lights which is a distribution network for wedding photographers to submit and share their work with vendors and wedding blogs worldwide.

I’m happy to announce that I have been awarded a 2020 editors choice award through Two Bright Lights for being consistantly published on wedding blogs aorund the world with my work.

Some of my published weddings

Kerri & Tony’s wedding in Santorini

Covering Kerri and Tony’s wedding on the Greek Island of Santorini would have to be a highlight of my wedding photography career so far, and the media seem to love it also. Their wedding has been published on multiple online blogs, including Polkadot Bride and Easy Weddings.

Lucy and Callum’s Uniting Church wedding

Lucy and Callum’s wedding at the Golden Grove Uniting Church has garnered some attention in wedding magazines in the past due to their photos we took in the rather horrible weather they had on their day. Their wedding was published in the Layers of Luxe wedding magazine as a feature last October.

Libby and Simon’s Chateau Tanunda Wedding

Libby and Simon’s wedding at Chateau Tanunda was picked up by the Brides and Weddings Magazine, Tacari Weddings and Every Bride due largely in part to the fact they travelled from the United States to have their wedding here in South Australia, and also because their photos turned out gorgeous!

Emily and Angel’s Sailing Club Wedding

Emily and Angel held their wedding at the intimate Cruising Yacht Club of SA and has been picked up by the prestigious LTBG wedding blog Equally Wed. Which was really cool as it was the first same sex wedding I had covered since the Australian plebicite on same sex marriages. 🙂 They were also featured in the Gay Weddings Magazine.

Jane and David’s Engagement and Wedding

Jane and David held their wedding at the St Mary’s Cathedral in Darwin and has been published in the Trends Wedding and Lifestyle Magazine, but the really exciting one that was published was their engagement on the Tiwi Islands where there were living. Their engagement shoot was picked up by the How they Asked blog which are curated by the prestigious ‘The knot’ wedding blog.

Leah & Jarron’s Wedding at Kuitpo Hall

Leah and Jarron;s Kuitpo Hall wedding was picked up by the rather large wedding blog Rustic Wedding Chic due to the incredible photos we got in the nearby Kuitpo Forrest as the sun was setting.

Kelli and Ben’s Ekhidna Winery Wedding

Kelli and Ben’s Ekhidna Winery wedding turned out to be a wonderful wedding, not just for their photos but also due to the number of bridal couples who have cited their wedding as the reason why they’d want me to be their wedding photographer! 🙂 Their wedding has been published on Tacari weddings and Everybride.

This list is far from an exhaustive list of weddings I’ve covered being published around the internet, but are the first that comes to mind when thinking of this 2020 Editors Choice Award and where they are 🙂 It’s rather excitingt o have my photos published aorund the world in large wedding blogs like these, and it’s also a bit of fun for my wedding couples to have a little bit of fame out there! 😀 but these are examples of the published weddings that have helped me become a Two Bright Lights 2020 Editors Choice Award Winner!

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