Trinity Lutheran Church Wedding – Danielle & Adam

Danielle and Adam were married in one of the oldest little churches in South Australia on an incredible day amongst wonderful people. The entire day, despite being quite a long one for me was an absolute joy to be a part of. Their Seppeltsfield wedding was held at the Trinity Lutheran Church in Rowland flat then headed off down the road for glamour photos at the stunning Seppeltsfield winery which I had visited for a previous wedding. Finally their reception was held at the rather interestingly built Barossa Weintal Hotel. Danielle and Adam took advantage of my generous full day wedding package to have me right from the beginning of the bridal party’s preparation at their hairdresser’s in North Adelaide, right through to the end of their reception in Tanunda.

Preparation Photos

As I said, I was with the girls first, which kind of breaks from my usual itinerary for a wedding day, but they asked me to take photos as they were having their hair done so I went! I always aim to cover exactly what my clients ask of me!

After about 30 minutes of taking photos at the bridal party’s hair salon, I headed to the place of preparation for Adam and his grooms men. I was quite surprised to find that one of his grooms men was Jono, a groom I shot his wedding for only a few months earlier! It’;s absolutely crazy how often I bump into people I had previously met at other weddings I cover. Adelaide is such a small city in many ways 🙂

After the grooms men I then headed off to the house where Danielle was being prepared with her bridesmaids and flower girls after having had their hair done. The decor in their house lent itself well to the taking of wonderful wedding photographs, with a marble table for closeups of rings and bridal affects through to a wonderful lit doorway to hang the wedding dress.

Trinity Lutheran Church Wedding Ceremony

The Trinity Lutheran Church in Rowland flat was built in 1853 after the disastrous flooding of the Hoffnungsthal settlement nearby. However the original church no longer stands as a new Church was built in 1955. A pretty little church, the building boasts a beautiful single steeple and large square lobby with 3 way doors. Two leading outside while the third into the chapel proper. The church is surrounded by easily accessible vineyards which we made use of for wedding photos.

Seppeltsfield winery photos

Directly after the ceremony, family photos and using the nearby vineyards for a few shots, we headed off down the road to the picturesque Seppeltsfield winery. The Seppeltsfield winery is an iconic winery in the Barossa region, with history dating back to 1851. The grounds offer absolutely amazing backdrops perfectly suitable for wedding photography.

Barossa Weintel Hotel Reception

The Barossa Weintel Hotel caters for weddings, big and small. Danielle and Adam’s wedding reception took place in their main room that was cause for much debate of what it used to be. The room was circular and it’s roof was raked into the centre resembling a rocket ship’s nose. While we were enjoying the marvellous fare provided by the staff, we put forward a number of theories, including grain silo through to old horse training building. Nothing really made a lot of sense for a number of reasons so it remained a mystery. Was a pretty room none the less, perfect for wedding receptions. Perhaps someone could enlighten me with a comment below on what it used to be?

Thankyou Danielle and Adam for having me as their wedding photographer and I hope you enjoy your wedding photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden Wedding – Anna & Isuru

It was a delightfully sunny day for Anna and Isuru’s wedding at the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Sunken garden wedding ceremony venue with a small group of close friends and family in person, and plenty watching a livestream! (When Isuru’s phone worked!)

The plan was to hold a small intimate ceremony here in Adelaide, and when COVID goes away hold another interstate with more guests.


Anna was prepared in a room of the Mayfair hotel on King William St along with two of her friends. The atmosphere in the room was one of fun and excitement for the wedding ceremony and if Anna was feeling any nerves, she hid them well!

I made use of the Mayfair hotel lobby for a couple of shots on their spiral staircase while also heading out to the intersection for a few shots on the road, which the girls seemed to find amusing 😀

Sunken Garden Wedding Ceremony

The botanic Garden’s Sunken Garden Wedding venue provides for a lovely private spot to hold a ceremony in what is usually a rather busy place on a such a lovely day! The set up was lovely for me as a wedding phtoographer as the sun was right behind whre Anna and Isuru were standing which made for some lovely ethereal photos.

The heat of the day was quite powerful, as Iruru’s phone soon found out as unfortunately they had a bit of trouble keeping the livestream going – thankfully I was also recording the ceremony using 360 Virtual Reality technology as I always do so they made good use of that the next day!

Anna and Isuru’s wedding ceremony was full of personal insight into the couple’s relationship complete with in jokes and fun little things that had the entire congregation smiling and laughing along as they watched.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Glamour Photos

We had a short amount of time for some photos in amongst the Adelaide Boatnic Gardens after having family photos done at the Sunken Garden so we hopped right to it making a beeline to the friendship gates then walking slowly back towards the National Wine Center.

I wanted to use the lovely trees that you can find in the nearby Botanic Park for some photos before walking back through the gardens. We were lucky enough to be walking back through the gardens a little later than allowed due to having the reception at the National Wine Center as we got to capture the dying sun through some of the trees on display around the grounds.

National Wine Center Reception

Anna and Isuru’s National Wine Center reception took place in their ‘Gallery’ room which boasts a huge glass wall overlooking the rest of the wine center’s grounds.

As their guest list was on the smaller side, only one long table was set up to make the entire setting feel quite opulent and grand! It also allowed all their guests to sit together and not have to travel a million miles to see everyone!

I’d like to thank Anna and Isuru for having me photograph their Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos! Super happy to travel interstate for your other celebrations too! 😉

Lakes Hotel Wedding – Paula & Andrew

I head out to Paula and Andrew’s beautifully family-centric Lakes Hotel wedding in West Lakes at the beginning of October, and I had a ball of a time 🙂

The weather wasn’t always the best, showing a bit of cloud for much of the day, but we still managed to make use of the hotel and nearby park for some great shots!

Lakes Hotel Wedding Ceremony

I started my time with Paula and Andrew right at the start of their wedding ceremony, which was held in one of the function rooms on site at the Lakes Hotel. The function room they held their ceremony in overlooked the West Lakes river which made for a lovely backdrop while also being shielded from the slight drizzle of rain that was falling outside.

The ceremony itself was a lovely simple affair with some in-jokes about Paula and Andrews relationship interspersed by some lovely heart-felt vows and reading from a guest who diddnt seem to know they were doing a reading! Thosesorts of things at a wedding always makes everyone smile 🙂

Apparently Paula and Andrew had been engaged for a good 25 years! So of course some of the injokes throughout the ceremony and the speeches later in the night centered around that! Qudos for them to finally tying the knot though! Even if was doing a global pandemic.. :/

Glamour Photos

After taking all the group photos both outside on the riverside, and then the rest inside as it had started to rain a little, I attempted to use the architecture of the Lakes Hotel for much of their photoshoot, hoping the rain dispersed enough for us to head outside a bit later – thankfully that’s exactly what happened!

We went for a walk along side the river and made use of the wonderful little beach nearby and dozens of seagulls flying overhead for some neat shots! I did get my shoes wet – but that’s just the life of a wedding photographer! Need to do what it takes for the best shot!

Lakes Hotel Wedding Reception

Before starting for the day I arrived at the Lakes Hotel early to set up my photobooth for the evening. When I arrived the hall was very small, but I wasn’t to know that they actually extended the reception hall where I set the photobooth up in throughout the other function room where they held their ceremony! Turned out to be a huge area very suitable for a lovely wedding reception overlooking the water.

While I was attending the photobooth throughout the night I also stood up every now and again to take photos of the speeches and of course the first dance. Was a lovely night!

I’d like to thank Paula and Andrew for having me as their wedding photographer on their special day! I hope Paula and Andrew enjoy their photos as much as I enjoyed taking them throughout their big day!

St Helens Park Wedding – Nikki & Toby

I was so happy to cover Nikki and Toby’s lovely St Helens Park wedding in Prospect, North Adelaide. Their original plan when they asked me to photograph their wedding was to hold a small, breakfast wedding later in the year, only to have it change to the beginning of the year, but then COVID hit. So their little St Helens Park wedding, or rather elopement at the end of July ended up being their big day, and I was super happy for them 🙂

St Helens Park Wedding Ceremony

The plan was to meet at the gazebo at the center of the St Helens Park and sort out where the hold the wedding ceremony. One option was the gazebo itself, while I actually suggested the rather neat old tree nearby to stand in front of. It was a pretty neat spot as the sun was shining through the foliage quite nicely while Nikki and Toby shared their vows.

Nikki and Toby’s congregation was as tiny as possible, consisting only of themselves, their celebrant and a family of friends who acted as their witnesses. They opted to hold their tiny wedding due to the complexity of holding a slightly larger wedding during the height of COVID-19 restirctions. I often think these tiny weddings are much more intimate anyway!

St Helens Park Wedding Photoshoot

In the early days of Prospect city, the area was a private subdivision of Yatala, which intersected at the village centre, which is now st Helens Park. The center piece of this historic park is a very neat old tree which is perfect for climbing and using as a framing device for wedding photos!

After the wedding ceremony, we went for a little walk around the Park, starting at the awesome tree right behind where they held their ceremony, and did a big lap of the area. We made use of the nice trees and nearby playground before finishing up back on top of the tree where they were married next to the gazebo.

Thanks so much Nikki and Toby for having me as your wedding photographer! I had a blast and I hope you enjoy your photos.

Sedan Lutheran Church Wedding – Kirsty & Andrew

It was a stunningly sunny day for Kirsty and Andrew’s Sedan Lutheran Church Wedding. The small town of Sedan, near Renmark in the South Australian Riverland was the setting for this fun wedding where everyone just seemed to want to have a good time! I was asked to be their wedding photographer for their preparation through to the beginning of their reception, so lets jump straight into it shall we?


I began the day at Kirsty and Andrew’s new house nearby the town of Sedan. I was quite excited to see some awesome gum trees on the horizon and rolling golden hills that I was hoping to use later in the day for their wedding photos.

Kirsty and her bridal party were being prepared here, and the atmosphere was quite laid back, with Kirsty more worried about where her boots were than any nerves she might have been feeling due to her being married a bit later.

As they had just moved into their new home, it was quite a neat thing to have the entire front room quite free in order to use while putting on the wedding dress – made taking photos that much easier! 🙂

Andrew and his groomsmen were getting ready in another farm house nearby, but this spot had some very nifty old ruins, which of course I made use of in the short amount of time I had with the boys. One thing I found very co-incidental is that Andrew and his boys were enjoying some clay shooting prior to me arriving for their photos, which I had only ever seen for the first time at the wedding I covered just the week prior! Is this a new trend? 😀

Sedan Lutheran Church Wedding

You simply cannot miss the Sedan Lutheran Church as it towers over the rest of the small town with it’s huge steeple and traditional small town church styling. It’s also located right on the intersection of 4 roads that lead into the center of town. The church itself is a bit on the small side, with only a single aisle leading through the middle of the church. As it was a reasonably hot day, it was a struggle for some guests to stay cool – but it wasnt overly stifling. One neat feature of the inside of the church is the ability for some guests to venture to the upper level – I got some neat shots from up there.

Kirsty and Andrew’s Sedan Lutheran Church Wedding was presided over a priest who was friend of the couple and began with the tolling of the church’s bells, which I dont see very often! It was a reasonably simple ceremony with a number of readings from guests and blessings from their priest.

One great thing about church weddings like this is when the bride and groom exits out the front, and if the guests are keen to help – I can tee up a fun shot of everyone throwing the rose petals over the couple – which of course I did!

Glamour Photos

After the required group photos out the front of the church, we head back inside of the church in order to take a few glamour photos using the pews and interior a little before heading out to the Renmark foreshore to make use of the greenery there. My favourite glamour photos from Kirsty and Andrew’s Sedan Lutheran Church Wedding though were taken on a portion of Kirsty and Andrew’s family land.

We drove to a spot where there was a ruin of an old cottage and barn which we made use of for some great shots, before moving to the nearby hills which I had a lot of fun flying over with my drone! We finished off in amongst the lovely gum trees growing out of a dry creek bed nearby.

I was with Kirsty and Andrew for the very beginning of their reception at a hall in Sedan before heading off! I’d like to thank Kirsty and Andrew for having me take their wedding photography and I hope they enjoy their photos! 😀