Associate of the AIPP Awarded

As a result of my recent success at the National AIPP Photography Awards I have been conferred the status and honour of ‘Associate of the Australian Institute for Professional Photography (AIPP)’ which means my photography has been of a consistently high standard over the past few years that I have been a full member of the AIPP that I have ‘gained rank’ if you will. Being an Associate of the AIPP is a step below being a Master Photographer of the AIPP which as a full member of the AIPP for only a few years is quite a difficult goal to attain. However being awarded an Associate status is the first step towards that.

As a result of my new status of an Associate of the AIPP I now have a few more post-nominals to put after my name. Instead of my former status of an ‘accredited professional photographer’ with the post-nominals of ‘APP’ I am now an ‘Associate of the AIPP’ with the post nominals of ‘AAIPP’. Therefore with the addition of all my other post-nominals from completed degrees and whatnot my full name is now ‘Steven Paul Duncan Mteach BA DipCIT AAIPP’ bit of a mouthful eh? Perhaps in the future I’d like to add a pHD to the list 🙂

The honour of becoming an Associate of the AIPP reaffirms my belief that the standard of my photography is of a high level and that my clients can rest assured that if they choose me as their photographer they are getting an industry recognised photographer of a high calibre.

Associate of the AIPP

To showcase my new title I’ve been sent a certificate detailing the honour and a yellow ribbon with medal that I will now wear at future formal AIPP mixers such as Awards dinners. Master photographers wear a red ribbon while grandmasters wear black.

Silver with Distinction at the AIPP 2014 CPA Awards

With today’s judging of portfolios submitted to the 2014 AIPP Contemporary Photographic Art Awards, or CPA Awards for short, it has emerged that the portfolio of images I submitted received a silver with distinction award with a score of 87. My portfolio also happened to be the second highest scoring portfolio of work submitted to the awards, which is quite exciting to have been rated so highly for my work. The competition in this year’s CPA Awards was very tight with an average score given by the judges of 87 across all entries, amazing considering that’s an average of a silver with distinction award. The highest score in the CPA Awards this year was 92 (Gold), and lowest was 84 (Silver).

CPA Awards entries are a portfolio of work consisting of 6 separate photographs that together with an artist statement comes together to form a piece of artistic expression. As such, my wedding photography would have been quite out of place here. Instead my CPA Awards entry was a set of images I had created using a very old technique documenting the passage of time in regards to the motion of the sun through the sky. I think my Artist’s statement I put together for the entry can communicate this better, so here it is below.

CPA Awards artist’s statement

I titled my portfolio ‘Photographing Time’

Modern cameras are able to produce images at an indefatigable rate, so much so that it’s often said that more photographs have been produced within the last 12 months than all images created throughout the rest of human history combined.

This made me think.

Was there a way of slowing down?

That is, to capture a single image that encompasses everything that happens within a time frame akin to that 12 months through which the entirety of human visual artistic endeavour has been more than doubled in depth due to modern photography.

This is a series of images that together represents everything that has happened within frame over the past 12 months. Each image’s exposure time ranges from 1 month through to 8 months in length. The white lines you see are the sun’s star-trail as it moves through the sky during the exposure.

The method by which I achieved this is a process called ‘solorisation’ with my own unique twist I developed through very patient experimentation.

Pinhole cameras were used, made from shortbread tins, duct tape and black spray paint. Instead of using conventional media to capture my images I intentionally used out-of-date photo-sensitive paper that I had baked in an oven in place of traditional film.

Using my homemade equipment, I was able to place my cameras in opportune places and duct tape them in place for months on end, producing my portfolio, and capturing essentially 12 months within 6 frames.

CPA Awards Images

The images were displayed in this order.

CPA Awards Exhibition

If you are eager on seeing some of the most creative photographic portfolios the state has to offer, I suggest heading down to  the AIPP affiliated Light Gallery run by the Center for Creative Photography when the 2014 CPA Awards exhibition officially opens on Friday 20th of June, 6-8pm located at 138 Richmond rd Marleston, SA. If you can’t make it on Friday, the exhibition closes up on the 18th of July and you’re able to visit Monday to Friday from 9-5 and Saturdays 10-3.

Up coming South Australian professional photography awards

The 2013 South Australian professional photography awards run by the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) of whom I am a full member are holding their annual judging this coming weekend from Saturday 6th of July until Tuesday 9th. I highly recommend attending as the judging is open to the public and you will gain an insight into how the world of professional photography in this state works. Some of the best photographers, not just in the state, but the country will be there and their work will be too. Everyone there are friendly and will have no qualms in having a chat about their work and the whole process, especially over lunch when there is no judging going on. All the prints that have won awards will be on display for you to wander on through and take a gander and soon there will be an awards only exhibition, which I’ll probably be posting about in the future. To stay up to date with this blog, you can follow every post I make by subscribing to the right.

I personally have won an award or two in each awards I have entered from 2008, and I look forward to not making this year an exception. I have entered 4 prints into the ‘travel’ category, 4 into the ‘illustrative’ category and 2 in the ‘wedding’ category.

Below is a run down of a projected schedule, but experience tells me that judging is often very time consuming and usually are running late.

Norwood Primary School, Dunstan Hall, 37 Osmond Terrace, Norwood SA,
Saturday, 6 July, 2pm to 5pm, Contemporary Photographic Art

Norwood Hotel Function Centre, 97 The Parade, Norwood SA
Sunday 7 July, 11am – 7pm Illustrative, Travel, Commercial
Monday 8 July, 9am – 5pm Landscape, Documentary, Portrait
Tuesday 9 July, 9am – 5pm Family, Wedding

1:1 Collective SALA exhibition

I’m excited to announce that I will be exhibiting as part of the 1:1 Collective SALA exhibition taking place at the JPE Design StudioLevel 4/19 Gilles Street, Adelaide.

Opening night is on the 8th of August, 5:30pm and will include free wine and a collection of 28 1:1 ratio (square in layman’s terms) pieces of photographic art by some of the biggest names in creative art photography South Australia has to offer. For more information, head over to the SALA Festival page or join the event on Facebook.

I will be showcasing an example in my recent work in photographic matte painting which involves an intricate understanding of the inner workings of photoshop and the concepts of collage to create a single image out of many.

The 1:1 Collective SALA exhibition will be my first exposure to exhibiting on such a prestigious stag, amongst such photographic royalty so I’m very much looking forward to how my contemporary photographic art is received. Hopefully as well as my recent finalist showing at the SA Contemporary Photographic Arts awards where I came runner-up and received a silver with distinction award. The work Ishowed for that however is very different to what will be on display at the 1:1 Collective SALA exhibition.