Photographer of the year 2016

As a dedicated member of the AIPP (Australian Institute for Professional Photography) I am a recognised accredited photographer by trade within Australia and as such run my business in the utmost of ethical manner. This includes consistent professional development and networking with other professional photographers around Australia. Last night the South Australian Professional Photography Awards dinner was held, which is an event I’m proud to say I have attended each year since 2009, consistently winning awards for my work in a number of different genres, including wedding, landscape, science and illustrative. In 2014 I came close to becoming the SA contemporary art photographer of the year by coming second in the category.

This year I’m proud to say that I had my most successful year yet by winning the title of photographer of the year 2016 in the landscape category, while being a finalist in the science category. I managed to win a gold and 7 silver awards across my entries, which included entries into the wedding category. This shows the dedication to my craft as a photographer amounts to being consistently award winning no matter what genre of photography I partake in and it’s the level of dedication I take to each of my shoots, be they weddings, or landscape work.

Landscape photographer of the year 2016

So what does this mean when it comes to wedding photography? While yes I did not win photographer of the year in the wedding category, the portfolio of images entered in the category were all deemed to be of high professional standard. Winning landscape photographer of the year means that I have an award winning eye for the scenery surrounding your wedding. I am able to paint a picture with my camera by really putting your emotion and personal story into any backdrop you’re holding your wedding at. Utilising the skills I have as the landscape photographer of the year 2016 at your wedding means I’m producing pieces of fine art at all times while shooting your wedding. Your images will have the quality of the fine art photographs you would see in any of the best galleries as they would have been taken by one of the SA photographers of the year.

I have a separate website at to showcase my work in the genres of landscape and science, so if you’d like to view my work in those genres, please feel free to have a look! 🙂

Master Photographer of the AIPP Achieved

I’m delighted to announce that as a result of this year’s Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Photographer of the Year awards, otherwise known as APPA, I have come away with no less than 3 gold awards and a silver with distinction award along with the newly earned title of ‘Master Photographer’. The magnitude of this achievement is hard to articulate without sounding boastful, but what has happened here is a goal many professional photographers share. Simply achieving any award at the national awards, or even the state awards is no easy feat as winning an award shows the image presented shows that the photographer displays superior visual communication skills and ability beyond standard professional practice.

Master Photographer of the AIPP

These national awards I not only managed to win 3 GOLD awards, but I even came away with a national title of Australian Professional Photographer of the Year in the Science category. These awards, and all the previous awards I have achieved means that I have reached the prestigious level of Master Photographer with the AIPP, which is what the red ribbon in the image below represents.

One may wonder why I’m not winning the Wedding Photographer of the year title, what with being a professional wedding photographer and all. But as I’ve explained before when I won the 2016 South Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year title, the ability to even have a chance of winning any of these tiles shows and incredible knack for visual communication and ability behind a camera. Much of the skills required to win both of these titles are the reasons why my wedding photography looks the way it does, it’s all part of my style and how I approach taking photographs.