Master Photographer of the AIPP Achieved

I’m delighted to announce that as a result of this year’s Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Photographer of the Year awards, otherwise known as APPA, I have come away with no less than 3 gold awards and a silver with distinction award along with the newly earned title of ‘Master Photographer’. The magnitude of this achievement is hard to articulate without sounding boastful, but what has happened here is a goal many professional photographers share. Simply achieving any award at the national awards, or even the state awards is no easy feat as winning an award shows the image presented shows that the photographer displays superior visual communication skills and ability beyond standard professional practice.

Master Photographer of the AIPP

These national awards I not only managed to win 3 GOLD awards, but I even came away with a national title of Australian Professional Photographer of the Year in the Science category. These awards, and all the previous awards I have achieved means that I have reached the prestigious level of Master Photographer with the AIPP, which is what the red ribbon in the image below represents.

One may wonder why I’m not winning the Wedding Photographer of the year title, what with being a professional wedding photographer and all. But as I’ve explained before when I won the 2016 South Australian Landscape Photographer of the Year title, the ability to even have a chance of winning any of these tiles shows and incredible knack for visual communication and ability behind a camera. Much of the skills required to win both of these titles are the reasons why my wedding photography looks the way it does, it’s all part of my style and how I approach taking photographs.

Best wedding photos from 2014

As it’s the end of the year, I figured it would be neat to go over the best wedding photos I’ve produced over the 2014 wedding seasons. This year I have been a wedding photographer at 18 weddings across Adelaide, with the furthest I’ve travelled being Murray Bridge and the closest, Flagstaff Hill. At the time of writing this article I still have 4 unedited weddings among this number so unfortunately I won’t be able to include those photos in this list of best wedding photos 2014. One of those weddings include a wedding with Giraffes at Monarto zoo! But that’s the next one on my list to edit! It’s just such a busy time of year.

Best wedding photos of 2014

10. A wonderful shot at Kiarnie and Stuart’s Sunnybrae Function center wedding using the light winding up the pathway.

9. A lovely close up of the wedding rings exchanged at Aliesha and Lee’s wedding at the Flagstaff Hill Golf Course that includes all the pertinent details of their marriage certificate without losing that lovely bokeh fade around the edges.

8. Tina and Jonel’s cake at their wedding at Oliver’s Chaff Shed was beautifully set up in a rustic barn with beautifully soft light.

7. A bit of a posed shot for you here, but this ‘Lord of the Rings’ inspired shot from Annie and DJ’s Ukrainian Church wedding really worked out well.

6. This is the lovely Larni from her and Daniel’s wedding at Camelot Castle. The expression on the girl’s faces really make a wonderful moment between her and the girls.

5. This is Alia and Julian embracing after their Han’s Heysen House wedding . The gardens around the House are fantastic on sunny days for this kind of ethereal light.

4. This shot was taken on Semaphore beach on the very windy day that was Amy and Matt’s wedding at Sunnybrae. The shadows and lack of anyone in front of the groomsmen as they walked along the jetty reminded me of an album cover.

3. This shot of the groomsmen taken at Kiarnie and Stuart’s Sunnybrae Function center wedding  shows great emotion from all the men, especially showcasing their boisterous attitude which made for a wonderfully natural photo.

2. This is the stunning Kirstyn wearing her wedding dress at her and Tom’s wedding at Nepenthe Winery. This shot however was taken in one of the rooms of the Stirling Hotel where she was getting ready.

1. This shot of Carley and Tony walking through the Inglewood Inn’s grounds at their Inglewood Inn wedding I’ve chosen as number one due to the beautiful light the trees afforded me and the nice relaxed pose the couple made. Just a beautiful photo. Do you agree with this being one of the best wedding photos of 2014?

Honorable mentions for Best Wedding Photos of 2014

Comment below if you agree or disagree with my choices for the best wedding photos from 2014. I’m certainly looking forward to looking through the best wedding photos from 2015!

The Advertiser wedding of the week

This week I was awarded the ‘Advertiser wedding of the week’ from the Adelaide-based Newspaper The Advertiser. Published on page 30 of the Weddings section in the Monday 27th October edition of the newspaper, the Advertiser wedding of the week was actually a wedding I had shot almost 2 months prior.

Renae and Craig’s wedding was held at the Coriole Vineyards in Mclaren Vale and was a wedding that took advantage of my flexible hourly-based wedding package so to be awarded the Advertiser wedding of the week was quite a surprise as I did not have shots of the groom’s preparation, nor most of the reception. Renae and Craig said that the Advertiser had been in contact with them looking to use their photos for a feature in their paper, but I did not expect to be the Advertiser wedding of the week.

Advertiser wedding of the week

If the font is too small and hard to read in the image above, here is the writeup-

FOR Craig and Renae, when it comes to sentimental proposal locations, Devil’s Peak, in the Flinders Ranges, ticked all the boxes. After all, it was where the couple – who met through a friend – had their first date and lived for a year. So it was fitting then for Craig to ask Renae that life-changing question during a picturesque location.

For the happy duo, creating a relaxed atmosphere at their wedding was first and foremost. They chose McLaren Vale venue, Coriole Vineyards, to host both ceremony and reception. Family and friends travelled from near and far for the occasion, including guests from as far as Hong Kong. The reception venue was dressed in a rustic theme, and guests were treated to a Bracegirdle’s chocolate fountain and a candy bar. But when Then by Brad Paisley began to softly play, it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife.

Renae said the day was filled with highlights from start to finish. “But the standout moment would have to be dancing the night away with family and friends,” she said. The bridal party included Rebecca Scully, Belinda Kelly, Jodie Grimm, Michel Smale, Tim Brice and Hamish Smith. Pageboy was the couple’s son Rily Watson. Renae, 31, is the daughter of Francis and Ellen Watson of Marino. Craig, 36, is the son of Chris Ranger, of Glengowrie, and the late Mike Ranger.

Article by Roxanne Allan of Advertiser Weddings

Camelot Castle Wedding – Larni & Daniel

The 20th of September saw me head to a wonderful little location just outside of the Adelaide city limits in Camelot Castle for Larni and Daniel’s wedding. I had an absolute ball of a time at their wedding with all involved quite laid back and easy to work with. Along with the fact that choosing such a picturesque location as the Castle made my job so much easier on the day, the whole congregation were very photo-friendly from the beautiful bride Larni to the cars to the little ones running about the place who weren’t camera-shy at all! At the time of Larni and Daniel’s wedding, the venue itself was having electrical issues, and it was very lucky that the wedding could go ahead at all. Apparently it had only just passed safety inspections days beforehand!

Groomsmen Preparation

The groomsmen got ready at the couple’s house. The preparation was quite a casual affair with little signs of nerves from the groom-to-be. Daniel was eager to get some shots of his pet snake and dog while dressed up.

Bridal Preparation

Larni and her bridesmaids were getting ready at her parents house. As I arrived she was just finishing up with their makeup. The girls were having a great time getting ready with family members circling all eager to find out what kind of cars Daniel had booked for their motorcade.

Camelot Castle Ceremony

This is a wonderful wedding venue, built in the early 1900s, the castle is a grand, Medieval style, stone building, hidden away in the picturesque valley at Basket range in the Adelaide Hills. It’s built to look like a castle (hence the name) but is actually a sprawling hotel/function center with medieval stylings like parapets, gothic wooden doorways and suits of armour dotted about the place. The location itself is nice and secluded while not being too far away from the city of Adelaide. It’s away from prying eyes of the public and even passing traffic would not catch a glimpse of any wedding occurring at the lovely little medieval chapel built within its grounds. I was told by Larni and Daniel that the venue often hosts themed weddings complete with guests dressed in period clothing and cutting of the wedding cake with a broadsword. However Larni and Daniel chose the castle not for these reasons, but rather because it was a unique spot with plenty of photo opportunities within walking distance.

Bridal photoshoot

The gardens provide a marvellous array of locations for a bridal shoot, with it’s rustic stone walls and wooden doorways to unique towers with battlements surrounded by a lush green garden with water features. Simply put, the castle is a wonderful place to shoot wedding photography.


The reception venue has two reception halls, one downstairs and one upstairs. Fortunately Larni and Daniel did not have too many guests so as to not fit in the down-stairs reception hall as the upstairs one was still condemned due to electrical faults. But the downstairs reception hall was lovely none-the-less. Ample seating for at least 100 people with dance floor and ready access to bar and outdoor patio, the room was themed as a castle with armour and swords hanging on the walls with a lovely medieval atmosphere.

I’d like to thank Larni and Daniel for a lovely night, they treated me as one of their guests and invited me to take photos of their amazing wedding at an amazing venue, a venue I had not yet had the privilege of visiting, and I’m very glad I was a part of it.