Botanic Park Wedding – Naz & Peter

Peter and Naziera opted to hold a very small, intimate Adelaide Botanic Park wedding in front of their 3 sons, their celebrant and myself which made for a cozy little atmosphere under the stunning moreton bay fig trees on a stunningly sunny day!

Although their Botanic Park wedding ceremony was flanked by no fewer than 3 engagement celebrations and other users of the public space, their wedding ceremony felt beautifully personal regardless!

Adelaide Botanic Park Wedding Ceremony

Peter and Naz’s tiny little ceremony – which could also be called an elopement took place on one of the larger moreton bay fig trees on parade along the Botanic Park, just north of the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Friendship gates.

We attempted to have as little as possible behind Peter and Naziera during their cermeony so that their photos did not have anything but the stunning beauty of the park in the background. Wasn’t always possible of course, but we tried our best!

Their ceremony was short and sweet, with two of their three sons acting as witnesses on their marriage certificate.

Glamour Photos

For glamour photos, we made good use of the Botanic park’s trees, going for a little walk and trying to get the midday sun to shine through the foliage before heading into the Botanic Gardens to make use of some different backdrops.

The Moreton bay fig trees in Botanic park make for some stunning backdrops for wedding photography – I just love walking through them – particularly on sunny days such as this, the atmosphere is one of such joy and happiness when the sun plays nice!

The Adelaide Botanic Gardens as always turned it on for us, walking through we managed to make use of quite a few little spots I had grwon fond of after my many weddings I have shot through here. That being said though, the middle of the day is possibly the wost time of day to take photos through here – so I attempted to head to shadier spots to make use of the shade rather than direct sunlight.

Peter and Naz’s Botanic Park wedding ceremony was a delightful little outing, and I do hope they enjoy their photos!

Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden Wedding – Anna & Isuru

It was a delightfully sunny day for Anna and Isuru’s wedding at the Adelaide Botanic Garden‘s Sunken garden wedding ceremony venue with a small group of close friends and family in person, and plenty watching a livestream! (When Isuru’s phone worked!)

The plan was to hold a small intimate ceremony here in Adelaide, and when COVID goes away hold another interstate with more guests.


Anna was prepared in a room of the Mayfair hotel on King William St along with two of her friends. The atmosphere in the room was one of fun and excitement for the wedding ceremony and if Anna was feeling any nerves, she hid them well!

I made use of the Mayfair hotel lobby for a couple of shots on their spiral staircase while also heading out to the intersection for a few shots on the road, which the girls seemed to find amusing 😀

Sunken Garden Wedding Ceremony

The botanic Garden’s Sunken Garden Wedding venue provides for a lovely private spot to hold a ceremony in what is usually a rather busy place on a such a lovely day! The set up was lovely for me as a wedding phtoographer as the sun was right behind whre Anna and Isuru were standing which made for some lovely ethereal photos.

The heat of the day was quite powerful, as Iruru’s phone soon found out as unfortunately they had a bit of trouble keeping the livestream going – thankfully I was also recording the ceremony using 360 Virtual Reality technology as I always do so they made good use of that the next day!

Anna and Isuru’s wedding ceremony was full of personal insight into the couple’s relationship complete with in jokes and fun little things that had the entire congregation smiling and laughing along as they watched.

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Glamour Photos

We had a short amount of time for some photos in amongst the Adelaide Boatnic Gardens after having family photos done at the Sunken Garden so we hopped right to it making a beeline to the friendship gates then walking slowly back towards the National Wine Center.

I wanted to use the lovely trees that you can find in the nearby Botanic Park for some photos before walking back through the gardens. We were lucky enough to be walking back through the gardens a little later than allowed due to having the reception at the National Wine Center as we got to capture the dying sun through some of the trees on display around the grounds.

National Wine Center Reception

Anna and Isuru’s National Wine Center reception took place in their ‘Gallery’ room which boasts a huge glass wall overlooking the rest of the wine center’s grounds.

As their guest list was on the smaller side, only one long table was set up to make the entire setting feel quite opulent and grand! It also allowed all their guests to sit together and not have to travel a million miles to see everyone!

I’d like to thank Anna and Isuru for having me photograph their Botanic Gardens’ Sunken Garden wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos! Super happy to travel interstate for your other celebrations too! 😉

Botanic Gardens Adelaide Wedding – Georgia & Nick

On what must have been the busiest wedding day in decades, October 10th was the date for Georgia and Nick’s wonderful wedding at the Botanic Gardens Adelaide. Based mainly on the repetition of the date and fun addition of the date and month numbers ot make the year, then combined with COVID-19 rescheduling, I must have had dozens of enquiries for 10/10/20! And what a wedding Georgia and Nick’s turned out to be! Beautiful weather, lovely people and possibly the best spot to take photos in the Adelaide CBD :).


I began the day as I usually do with Nick and his groomsmen getting ready in a hotel room in the city. Their room overlooked the northern part of the Adelaide CBD in quite a striking fashion with a great view of the new royal hospital and even Adelaide Oval!

When I arrived the boys were sitting about watching some horse racing, so I began the day by getting them to get a bit hyped up by placing fake bets on a horse race – this allowed for everyone to let go of any nerves thay may be lingering around and loosened everyone up for their preparation photos which we took in and around their room.

Georgia and her bridal party were being prepared at the couple’s house in Hillcrest. The girls were getting ready along side their paresnts and some well wishers that arrived half way through. The atmosphere was very laid back with allowed for some beautiful natural smiles and showing of emotion. It was especially endearing when Dad first saw his daugher sporting her wedding dress!

Botanic Gardens Adelaide Wedding Ceremony

Finding a park at the Botanic Gardens Adelaide at the best of times can be quite tricky, but on a wonderful warm day such as Georgia and Nick’s wedding day it was extremely hard which led to Georgia being a little later than she had planned to be on the day, leaving Nick to pace about at the front of their congregation showing that he was not aty all nervous.

Georgia and Nick’s wedding ceremony took place at the Araucaria Avenue ceremony spot which boasts a lovely row of New Caledonia Pines (or Araucaria columnaris) leading off into where the sun sits which makes for a lovely,m sunlit backdrop for any wedding ceremony.

As the weather on Georgia and Nick’s wedding day was perfectly sunny, the whole ceremony was delightfully backlit creating a nice halo effect over everyones’s heads all throughout. It does make it ricky though to take phtoos from the side as the light makes for some harsh shadows form that angle. Still beautiful none the less. 🙂

My favourite part of the ceremony was the level of coordination Georgia and Nick’s guests showed with the birdal sendoff, blowing ample bubbles into the aisle to create quite an impressive send off! It’s often the case that not many bubbles show up in photos, but in this case it worked very well!

Botanic Gardens Adelaide Glamour Photos

Directly after the group pho0tos and a bit of a rest to thankeveryone for coming, we hopped right into the glamour photos wandering about the botanic gardens. It was the plan to do this and then head out to North Terrace, or even the Adelaide Zoo to take photos with the animals as that’s where their reception was taking place, but on the day we opted to stay within the botanic gardens which made things easier.

As the sun was beating down rather harshly, I tried to stay in shaded areas for the most part, utilising the lens flares the sun was throwing up through the foliage and occasionally using the brightness as a backdrop to some of their photos.

All the plants at this time of year in the Botanic Gardens Adelaide are super green and lush which makes taking shots throguh the foliage that much easier and satisfying to see!

In between the Botanic Gardens and the Adelaide Zoo we also made use of some of the Morten Bay fig trees around the adjacent Botanic Park for some photos!

Adelaide Zoo Wedding Reception

Georgia and Nick’s wedding reception at the Adelaide Zoo took place within the Sir Thomas Elder Rotunda which is a huge, circular structure that was draped with weather proof plastic sheets to keep guests warm. When sitting inside this marvellous structure, the decorations that were set up really made this space feel like a pretty wedding space with ribbons hanging from it’s center and soft lighting illuminating the whole scene. It’s quite and impressive sight!

Georgia and Nick’s guests were quite happy to make the most of the recent change to COVID-19 regulations in South Australia and very much enjoyed ‘virtical consumption’ of alcohol and of course made the most of the newly allowed dancefloor!

I’d like to thank Georgia and Nick for having me as their wedding photographer at their Botanic Gardens Adelaide wedding, and I hope they enjoy their photos! 😀

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot – Olivia & Dimitri


It wasn’t the nicest day to go out and do a photo shoot out and about high in the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, but I’m so glad Olivia and Dimitiri were keen to head out anyway as the colours you can get here are just incredible! Also the rising mist from early in the morning just made the feeling of their engagement photos that much more surreal!

Olivia and Dimitri were umming and ering over where to go for their photoshoot, thinking maybe a beach, or the Belair National Park but in the end were very keen on heading to the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, mainly due to it was where Dimitri had originally proposed.

As this engagement shoot was happening only a few weeks after when they were supposed to be married, I thought this was quite appropriate! Olivia and Dimitri had had to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Once a location was chosen, I really wanted to make use of the lovely light either in the late afternoon for the golden hour, or early morning.

We ended up getting up early on the freezing morning for the gates to open at 8:30 as the COVID-19 restrictions had just been lifted and we expected the Botanic Gardens to be packed with people trying to get out and about a bit! The early start, coupled with the drizzly weather meant we had the whole Gardens to ourselves.

Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens Engagement Shoot

We began our photoshoot walk at the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens lower carpark, nearby the dam wall. Our first reaction when arriving was that we were super lucky to still have some colours in the autumn leaves that made these botanic gardens so magical! I was kind of hoping to get a bit of fog into their photos, but it was fast rising.

We quickly hopped up the nearby hill to make use of some trees that were losing their leaves, then head down to the water’s edge as I wanted to use my favourite tree in all of the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, but unfortunately it had already lost all it’s leaves 🙁

Olivia and Dimitri certainly made it easy as their carefree attitude was present all throughout the photoshoot and they had plenty of smiles on their faces!

We then head across the dam, which I feel is always an awesome shot to get, making the couple feel as though they are out in the middle of nowhere on ther path way. It’s a very tricky shot to get though as usually the dam walkway is always full of dozens of other people walking across!

The big draw of the Botanic Gardens are the wonderfully vivid autumnal colours you can get at this time of year, and thankfully we were able to capture some before they all fell from the trees. The colours, coupled with the misty morning really made for some wonderful scenes!

I had a blast taking photos with Olivia and Dimitri during this weather, but it’s so rare to get a couple to get up this early and head out in bad weather like this! 🙂

Just have a ook at the types of unique scenes you can get in weather like this! from fog, to muted autumnal colours!@ It’s a great time to take photos! Just not so great if you want to stay snug and warm :/

I’d like to thank Olivia’s sister in law Thalia whose engagement shoot had been given to them by her mother for giving Olivia and Dimitri their engagement shoot! It’s always nice to know that people appreciate their photos so much they have their family and friends also have their photos taken with me! 🙂

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding – Mai & Kevin

The shade and wonderful backdrop of the tall pine trees at the center of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens were the backdrop to Mai and Kevin’s wedding on a lovely late – April day. I was  sourced by Kevin’s father as Mai and Kevin’s wedding photographer as he enjoyed the wedding photos I put together for Vivian and Rohan back in 2016! It’s always nice to hear that people enjoy my work and want the same for their weddings! 😀


I started my short 3 hour coverage with Mai in her hotel room at the Stamford Plaza hotel, which had a magnificent view of the river torrens precinct with Adelaide oval in the background. The preparation was fairly cruisey with Mai and her friends, and mother flitting about getting everything ready. If Mai was feeling any nerves in the morning, she was hiding it well! I also got to practice some of my Japanese also as some of Mai’s friends were Japanese! 😛

Adelaide Botanic Gardens Wedding Ceremony

Mai and Kevin held their ceremony at the top of the hill with the pine trees the center of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens known as the Araucaria Avenue. It’s a wonderful spot where the sun is able to shine through the backdrop of the trees to create a wonderful golden glow at this time of year.

Glamour Photos

After the ceremony and family photos we spent a short while walking about the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for some glamour photos, starting from the lake near North Terrace, through to the bamboo forest and finally the lovely trees in Botanic Park. The sun was fading quite quickly at this time of day allowing for some wonderful golden light shining through as a backdrop.

Thanks so much to Mai and Kevin for having me at their wedding as their wedding photographer! 😀