Things I do as a wedding photographer that others don’t

When shopping for a wedding photographer, there are bound to be many different variables you’d be looking out for. These may range from style, personality, price, even the type of equipment they use. Finding a professional photographer that suits your needs is incredibly important, particularly on the biggest day of your lives! These variables are also what every photographer markets to though; “Oh hey! I’m a casual laid back sort of photographer who’s going to capture the natural aspects of your day in a fun and vibrant way!” – sound familiar? I thought I might point out some of the things I do as a wedding photographer that others don’t. These are the sorts of things that my previous wedding clients have really appreciated in the past and that I don’t tend to advertise much or charge for as I feel as though these are services I would expect a professional photographer should provide, but often don’t or charge a phenomenal amount for.

Things I do as a wedding photographer that others don’t

Drone aerial photography

Since the laws regarding drone use in commercial situations changed during September last year I have been offering my wedding clients photography using my airborne camera. I haven’t been charging for it, I just believe that with changes in technology professional photographers such as myself should be offering these services as they become cost effective. Using a drone is often confined to being used by videographers but they certainly have their place with still photography also. There are some legal restrictions though but at the majority of venues, using a drone is no problem at weddings.

Thank you Steven for photographing our wedding. We are extremely happy with our photos and our biggest problem is choosing which ones to hang on the wall. An eye for detail and such a creative photographer, you always seem to know what will work. Very professional, friendly and a sense of humour which allowed us to be relaxed and ourselves in the photos. So many of our guests have commented on our photos and loved the novelty of the drone. Thank you again for being part of our day, we would highly recommend your service to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.

360 virtual reality recording

I’m the only photographer in Adelaide that includes a 360 virtual reality video of your ceremony along with your photos on your USB. This service allows you to watch your own wedding from the view point of your guests using a virtual reality headset and your smart phone. It’s a really fun experience and is a novel way to relive your wedding. I also offer live streaming to any guests that cannot attend your wedding due to either geographic or health reasons so that they can feel like they are actually at your wedding, despite not actually being there. You can find out more about that service at the guest360 page.

Absolutely fantastic. I hate having photos taken and Steve makes it so easy I hardly noticed the camera clicking away. He’s a great guy and there were many laughs along the way. The photos are amazing ? Thanks Steven for giving us the virtual reality of our ceremony. It’s certainly unique and a great way to relive the day and for the drone pics Love Smiley?Love Smiley?Love Smiley?
It was really amazing to watch our ceremony as if we were also guests and to be able to look around and see our guests faces and their reactions Love Smiley?

Boutique USB box for your USB

Other wedding photographers do offer this, but it’s not super common. I package my USB within a handmade wooden box for each and every wedding I have the privilege of covering. Included within this super cute box is also a small selection of 6×4″ prints of some of my favourite photos I selected provided as a gift.

If these things I do as a wedding photographer that others don’t appeal to you, I’d love to hear from you as I offer these for free at any wedding I’m asked to cover. Feel free to contact me for more details, or check out my pricing!

Drone wedding photography available now

I’m pleased to announce that due to a change in laws in Australia, SvenStudios is able to offer all clients the use of our professional standard drone at wedding venues where the usual drone use restrictions allow for it. FROM TODAY! Drone wedding photography has really ‘taken off’ overseas and now with these new laws, operators such as myself are able to use our small drones for weddings in Australia. In the past, operators would have to shell out thousands of dollars for an operator’s certificate. Operator’s certificates still allow for less restricted use of drones, however for the use at a wedding, the new rules are more than enough.

If you’d desire the use of the SvenStudios drone at your wedding, currently I will not be charging any extra for it’s use. So if your venue fits the standard operation conditions set out by CASA and you inform me with at least 5 days notice before your wedding, then I’d be able to bring it out for some different perspective shots. The use of a drone will allow me to capture some amazing shots from high in the air, which is useful for group shots, artistic shots and shots you just wouldn’t be able to get any other way.

Drone wedding photography available now!

With any new technology available to professionals, there are some restrictions in place by law. As long as your wedding venue is not within 5.5km of any airfield and it doesn’t require flying over a populated or built up area, then there should be no problem using the drone. There are other restrictions in place, but as long as your venue meets those two requirements, the other restrictions should not be a problem.

Drone laws relaxing from September

As some of you may know, I’ve been researching and looking into ways I can provide something that hasn’t become very widespread in regards to wedding photography yet, and that is aerial photography using a drone. I have recently purchased a drone and have been using it recreationally and producing some very nice images which I’m currently not able to commercially use due to current Australian law. However CASA, or the Civil Aviation Authority for Australia have just announced that “Commercial operators of very small remotely piloted aircraft will no longer need to obtain a number of regulatory approvals. This includes an operator’s certificate and a remote pilot licence.” Or in other words, we can all look forward to drone laws relaxing.

Drone laws relaxing

These new laws should come into effect from the end of September this year, meaning that the huge amount of fees and red tape required to currently operate a drone legally in Australia will be cut back quite a bit. Currently obtaining a drone’s ‘pilot license’ and an operator’s manual (UOC) from CASA can cost upwards of $10,000 total. This change will allow operators of small (sub 2kg) drones like myself to inform CASA of any intended flights via an online portal and operate commercially legally without the huge financial hit doing so would cost currently.

SvenStudios will offer drone wedding photography from October

As a result I can cautiously announce that SvenStudios will be offering drone wedding photography from October, provided of course that these changes to the laws go through. Pricing will be very competative and the whole experience should add a vastly different dynamic to your wedding photography!