Thorngrove Manor engagement shoot – Rya & Evan

It was quite an exciting time when Rya contacted me from Indonesia asking me to shoot her engagement shoot as she was coming out to Adelaide specifically to use the Autumn colours around the Thorngrove Manor for her engagement shoot. I had never shot there before, but I had seen it’s beauty in the past through other wedding photographer colleagues in the AIPP. Rya was quite keen on having a castle-style photo shoot and chose the Thorngrove Manor as her ideal location. She also originally planned to go on a whirlwind tour of Adelaide, shooting at the Manor, Mt Lofty Botanic Park, then head up to Cleland nature preserve to hug a kangaroo, and also head into the city to use Veal Gardens and North Terrace, all within 3 hours. We ended up only going to two of these locations, but I think they turned out great!

Thorngrove Manor Shoot

The Thorngrove Manor is a small luxury hotel located amongst the side streets of Crafers. Despite it’s medieval looks, the hotel was actually built relatively recently, only around 32 years ago. The hotel is billed as one of the most romantic and intimate places to hold a wedding, or photoshoot as the surrounds are something out of a fairytale. It really is quite an incredible place to shoot at.

Mt Lofty Botanic Park Shoot

After the shoot around the Thorngrove Manor, we head down the road to the Mt Lofty Botanic Park to make use of the waning autumnal colours still present around the gardens. With the sun popping over the hills, the colours came to life quite quickly however and created some lovely bright  scenes – much to the delight of Rya. 🙂

It was a lot of fun shooting at the Thorngrove Manor and I hope Rya and Evan enjoy their photos! 🙂

One Tree Hill Engagement Shoot – Thalia & Josiah

One Tree Hill Engagement Shoot

I’m not sure why, but whenever someone mentions ‘One Tree Hill’ I just imagine a single tree on a beautifully landscaped green hill, similar to the famous Windows XP wallpaper. Perhaps it has something to do with the town’s name? 😛 Anyway when I arrived on Josiah’s family farm for Thalia and Josiah’s Engagement shoot, One Tree Hill pretty much lived up to it’s name sake. There were rolling green hills that made for beautioful vistas, and even an incredible flowering (cherry?) tree that would not have look out of place in a Harry Potter film! The only thing better would have been if the tree was on top of the hill!

We used this area for their engagement shoot as Thalia and Josiah shared one of their first dates here, in amongst the bushes, which were unfortunately a little sparce due to it being winter, but still made for an awesome spot for a little picnic. This little corner of Adelaide was a stunning spot to visit and I mentioned it to Josiah that they could probably rent out the space for wedding photography 🙂 I had a bunch of fun and captured some really unique shots!

North Terrace Engagement Shoot – Stacy & Sam

North Terrace Engagement Shoot

I was lucky enough to have been asked by Stacy and Sam to walk about the wonderful sights and architecture along North Terrace for a bit of an engagement shoot. The weather was wonderful for this kind of shoot, we were dodging some terrible weather on the radar, but luckily we managed to avoid it all together, and as a result the cloud cover made for some lovely moody lighting which I was excited to use!

We began our little walk out the front of the State Library, nearby the outer walls of the Mortlock wing and just around the corner of the old Police barracks situated at the rear of the museum. These spots are almost hidden spaces in Adelaide, without much foot traffic, but some incredible period architecture that lends itself well to these kind of photos.

We then head in through the Adelaide University to use the incredibly popular pillars nearby the Torrens footbridge – it’s often the case on Saturdays during the wedding season that these pillars become a bit of a rolling door of weddings queing up to have photos there!

Originally, before the weather forecast was put out, Stacy had wanted to venture over to the Elder Park pond for some photos, however I knew it had recently been drained and looked horrible. As an alternative I suggested we head over to the little willos lining the Torrens, and use the Torrens footbridge as well 🙂

After the Torrens, we head back up to North Terrace to use the last few buldings, including the magnificent Bonython Hall.

I had a bunch of fun with Stacy adn Sam, and I hope they enjoy their photos! 🙂