How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained


Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. This is one of the most special days in your life, and you can feel pressured to make it perfect and memorable. To ensure that your guests enjoy your special day, you must be well-prepared to run it as smoothly as possible, and one of the best ways to make things run smoothly is to keep your wedding guests entertained. 

The time between your ceremony and reception is usually the most uneventful part of any wedding for your geusts. As you and your significant other have your wedding photos taken together, your guests may just hang around waiting for the next agenda at the celebration, which can bore them to death. To keep your wedding guests entertained and engaged throughout the day, here are some tips you should follow:

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained During Your Photoshoot

  • Serve them snacks and refreshments while waiting

While you are busy preserving your special memories during your big day with the help of your skilled wedding photographer, consider serving your guests with snacks and refreshments to fill the gap in your party if your ceremony and reception will be held at one venue. Time passes quickly when their bellies are being filled with yummy food and drinks, and this allows your friends and family to mingle with one another.

Prepare a snack bar and decorate it according to your wedding theme. Pick food options that are easy to eat and light on the tummies, and diversify them as much as possible to accommodate the unique taste of all your guests. Some snack ideas you can choose from are burgers, sandwiches, hotdogs, chips, pizzas, tacos, and more.

Most reception venues offer this as an add-on to their usual meal packages so please do consider taking them up on their deals!

  • Unleash their competitive side with games

Wedding games can fill your reception with fun and excitement and are effective in keeping your guests entertained at your wedding. Unleash their competitive side by holding outdoor wedding games or lawn games. 

Meanwhile, if it rains or you don’t have a venue with an outdoor area, it’s best to have some indoor games, such as brain teasers, playing cards, puzzles, and table quizzes. Set up a corner filled with various board games to bring them together and help those who don’t know each other to get talking.

  • Prepare some entertainment options

Once you transition from the ceremony to the reception set the mood with music by hiring bands and live musicians. Songs are the perfect accompaniment as your guests mingle and delight in tasty snacks and drinks. 

Taking photos is also one of the best entertainment options to pass the time and capture special moments on your wedding day. Book a fun photo booth where your guests can have their photos taken with creative backdrops and props. Opt for those that provide printed copies so every guest can bring home a precious memory immortalized through a high-quality image.

Alternatives to this include hiring a cartoonist to sit in the corner all night drawing craracatures of your guests, or even have an oil painter paint your first dance! may be expansive but makes for an incredible momento!

Your wedding is one of the most significant celebrations of your life, so you have to cherish every moment. One way to do that is to document your memories through photos on your special day after the ceremony. Keep in mind that your guests can get bored during this time, so hopefully the tips mentioned above will help out with guests from constantly watching the clock and keep them occupied during your photoshoot.

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4 Tips for taking group photos at a wedding

Taking group photos at a wedding

No matter how unique you plan your wedding ceremony to be, you’re more than likely still going to dedicate some time taking group photos at a wedding. That will ensure that you have photos of friends and families aside from the other parts of your wedding as a record of who attended years down the track.

Taking group photos at a wedding would have to be one of the traditions during a wedding that just cannot be overlooked – no matter how tedious it sometimes can be!

4 Tips for taking group photos at a wedding

Even though a group photo session might seem simple, planning is vital to ensure its success and to make sure it doesnt eat up too much time on your wedding day. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to take the best group photos.

  1. Keep it small

Taking group photos don’t have to include everyone at the wedding in one frame. Ideally, there should not be more than around ten individuals per shot. That is because the more people to participate, the longer the time it will take to finish the session. Plus, everyone is going to have a photo of themselves anyways because that’s the photographer’s job.

What I usually like to do on a wedding day as a wedding photographer is take one big group shot of everyone attending – usually using my drone so that it’s a bit of a novelty, and captures everyones attention while taking the photo, and then peeling off for taking group photos in smaller groups.

  1. Look for helping hands

Help is always appreciated, especially when you are trying to gather people to take photos. For this reason, do spend some time looking for people who can help. You can ask a family member who most likely knows most of the guests, which means they can get things done a little better.

Your photographer will not know anyone there, so they are usually limited to shouting out names blankly if you’ve given them a list. If you gave a list to someone who is natually good at rounding up people, this process will be done much quicker. I usually say it’s best for your parents to do this job.

  1. List the shots that you want

Create a list of all the shots you want to take on your group photo session. Doing so will allow you to announce who is coming up next and ensure that those who are going to take multiple pictures do not have to leave so often. For example, if one person were to show up in the first shot and then again four shots later, they might have already disappeared after the first.

It’s often the case that people don’t like having their photos taken in a group like you’re often forced to on a wedding day so they might run off – conveniently be hiding in the toilet, or taking an ‘important’ phone call. Try to have those people you know will try to avoid you have their photos all at once.

A big hint I like to point out is try to organise it so that elderly and children go first so that once they are done with taking group photos, they can go sit or play about. Also have your parents go last! They will be your best hellp in rounding up any groups who have not yet had a photo taken!

When you list the shots and organise properly, you ensure that the time where you’re taking group photos goes smoothly, and no one’s going to be missing.

  1. Talk to the photographer

You should always talk about your plans with your photographer. That is because they are the ones with the experience in photo taking and generally know what will work best. For example, if you have a place in mind for the session, tell your photographer about it. They will work with you to set up the area for proper lighting or suggest another place that may be better for the group photos.

If you want some help in this regard, I’d be super keen to have a chat, you only need to ask!

Group photos on your wedding day can take up a bunch of your precious time if not correctly planned. They require plenty of planning to ensure success, and you will need to put in the effort if you want it to be so.

However, taking group photos on a wedding day generally just can’t be skipped as you’re likely to have family and guests in attendance that would rarely be seen together otherwise.

The photos and the memories you will capture from this will be ones you will cherish for the rest of your life, your group photos will help you remember when Uncle John accidentally tripped on Aunt May’s dress, spilling his champagne everywhere!

Why we give guests a gift for attending a wedding

Ever wonder why we give guests a gift for attending a wedding? Seems a bit odd doesn’t it? I mean you’ve just forked out a small fortune to host this spectacular wedding reception to celebrate your marriage, why should you spend any more on gifts? Surely the $100 per head 3 course dinner you’ve provided for them is enough, right? Well in my research of wedding traditions, the answer lies in what people believed to help with the vitality of the party.

Why we give guests a gift for attending a wedding

The origin of the tradition dates back to the 1600s when French aristocrats used to give out jeweled boxes full of sugar coated almonds as a means to increase vitality in the party. A gift of a bonbonnière was a symbol of care extended to all guests. Sugared almonds carried additional significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage. The practice spread across Europe where the Italians, Greeks and Spanish also thought the sugar on almonds gave health giving properties. As the price of sugar fell, more and more people were able to copy society’s elite much in the same way white wedding gowns became the norm in the 1800s. The shape and colour of the almonds also mimicked eggs, a symbol of fertility.

While the opulent, jeweled boxes have fallen to the wayside in favour of cheaper options, such as paper bags in modern times; those sugar coated almonds remain. Love them or hate them, they are a staple at weddings and you’ll find them in almost every wedding. They are cheap, small and easy to give out, but these days people often opt for more substantial gifts to compliment them. From photo frames to lego minifigs right through to bottles of liquor and pieces of jewellery, modern bomboniere can be very diverse.

The reason why we give guests a gift for attending a wedding all stems from the tradition of the French of getting a sugar high from eating too much sugar. Who knew? 🙂

Bomboniere ideas for your wedding

Bomboniere gifts, or ‘favours’ to your guests on a wedding day have become quite common place over the years, however it’s usually a bit of a task to find bomboniere ideas that really speak about who you are as a couple and that your guests might actually want. As a wedding photographer I’m in a great position to get to experience weddings of all sorts, of couples of all different personalities, so I get to see a whole heap of different bomboniere ideas. I thought it might be helpful if I gave you a bit of a list of the more unique, or practical I’ve seen.

But first, a bit of history behind the idea of bomboniere gifts. The practice of giving bomboniere dates right back to 14th century Italy, when the families of engaged couples swapped small packages filled with sweets as a sign of good fortune. Over time, those horrible sugar-coated almonds became the preferred choice of sweets and are pretty much now the staple of Australian bomboniere gifts… unfortunately. Hopefully this list will give you other ideas! 🙂

Bomboniere ideas

Lolly Bar

This idea I’ve seen a few times at weddings I’ve covered. The idea is that your guests are given a small bag or basket of some description in order to fill up themselves with a selection of sweets. It’s also there to augment your menu during the reception of course 🙂

Bridal party deck of cards

This one can be fun, how about printing off a deck of cards featuring an image of the bride and groom, along with their entourage as King, queen, Jack, etc? Doing this is surprisingly cost effective when done on the scale needed for wedding favours, and you can literally personalise it with yourself!

Home made sauce or Jam

I often mention this to new wedding photography clients as an idea to get the older members of your family involved in your wedding day. It’s common to have members of the family who might want to be involved with your wedding, but cant for whatever reason. Why not let them sort out your bomboniere gifts with their cooking skills? This is right up there with the lolly bar in terms of how often I see this at weddings.

A scratchy lottery ticket

While perhaps not the most personal of bomboniere ideas, an instant win lottery ticket would be very cost effective (or expensive, depending on how much you want to spend) and can create a sense of excitement and even delirious joy in the off chance someone strikes it lucky! Could even double as a last minute gift for your guests to give back to you via your wishing well.

A picture frame

If you happen to have a photo booth at your wedding reception, and if it’s like the SvenStudios photo booth, that prints proper sizes prints for your guests to keep, why not keep them in style with their own photo frame?


As a bit of a segway from the photo frames, perhaps have a few polaroid instant cameras floating about your reception? your guests can pick one up and create their own little keepsake from your wedding.

Individual caricatures

Or how about even having a cartoon artist wandering about drawing everyone? This bomboniere ideas as it always makes people smile and how awesome is having a piece of art to take home from your wedding?

Lego minifigs or small toys

For the child in all of us, a recent wedding I was a photographer at had little bags of toys for every guest, and included were lego minifigs. Both young and old had a blast opening their little lego man and spending time building them while waiting for their entrée to arrive. By the end of the night, every table had a small army of little men running about. It was pretty awesome… Because everything is awesome.