5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Portrait Taken Today


Have a Family Portrait Taken Today

At present, the power of what a smartphone can do continues to become overwhelming. You can now capture memories with just a few clicks, upload them online, and keep them on the internet for as long as you wish.

As the digital world continues to evolve, the use of traditional documentation has dwindled. The presence of film photography and framed photos have become less needed since all your photos can be kept in a small handheld gadget. Yet despite this there is still the very real connection one had to a properly printed and framed photo on the wall that glorifys a specific moment in your life.

Viewing a photograph on a screen simply cannot compare to the viceral feeling of viewing a physicial print on the wall as a work of art.

For those who still believe in the essence of printing photos and preserving memories in the way that lasts forever, read on further below to find out why exactly you still need a family portrait taken today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Portrait Taken Today

They Help Preserve Moments

Life goes by faster than expected. And before you know it, your kids have all gone off to college, or worse, someone has passed away unexpectedly. One of the best ways to keep memories alive is through family portraits. It’s an important part of capturing moments as a reminder of the good times.

Depending on your preference, family portraits can be done on location, in a studio, or your very own home if you prefer a genuine touch to it. So the next time you come across your family portrait, you will remember that exact moment when you had the people you love come together for theat fleeting moment.

They Turn Your House into a Home

Aside from filling your house with decorations and ornaments to bring colour into the rooms, there’s nothing quite like the presence of a family portrait to make your place seem more like a home that’s lived in.

Seeing pictures of your family all lined up on the wall or by the staircase warms people’s hearts, along with the feeling of nostalgia for the good times. They remind you where you came from, where you belong, and who you love.

They Add to Your Family Bonding Experience

No matter how many or how little you are in the family, getting a portrait done consists of having everyone reunited in one place, deciding outfits and the location, and practising the perfect smile. This becomes an enjoyable experience that will bring out the laughter and familiarity of having everyone complete again.

The idea of having a family portrait shot every few years or so requires finding the perfect day to fit into everyone’s busy schedules. It also serves as a way to keep the members together and prove the authenticity of each portrait shot over the years.

The best time to start a tradition like this was yesterday, but the next best time is to have a family portrait taken today!

They Construct a Vivid Timeline

Family portraits include capturing all of the family members’ best memories. Moments like your child’s first birthday, their first day at school, and their graduation. Time does go by fast, so the best way to make it stop is by recording your best memories through photographs.

When it comes to having a baby, an Adelaide newborn photographer can help you capture your child’s first moments better, so you have something to look back on with your child the moment they’re all grown up.

They Serve as a Permanent Way to Document Your Memories

Despite the countless ways you can save your photos and videos digitally, there’s nothing like having your family portrait professionally shot, printed out, and framed on your living room wall. Only an expert photographer can truly capture the essence of a family portrait.

The fact of the matter is that computer hard drives are only rated, and expected to survive for up to 5 years of continued use. Flash drives are what we use as professional photographers to supply images on as they tend top be rated at up to 10 years. The point is that these numbers simply pale in comparison to a properly printed and framed piece of art on the wall. Also make sure you back up, multiple times any digital files you may have!

It also serves as a time capsule that you can look back on every time you feel like all the kids have grown up and have gone to start their new lives. With the help of an expert, your present moments will be perfectly exhibited.

Family photography in Adelaide has become an important part of keeping the legacy of a family intact. Professional photographers make sure to produce portraits of the highest quality to preserve your memories which you will have with you forever. As such, it would be a great idea for your family to have a family portrait taken today!

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