Beach Huts Middleton Wedding – Sarah & Tom

Sarah and Tom’s Beach Huts Middleton wedding was a delightfully intimate family affair with the focus being on enjoying themselves with their friends and family without ducking out too much to have photos taken. Due to this Sarah and Tom opted to have their glamour photos done before their ceremony at the nearby Middleton beach which was super busy due to the warm weather!

Middleton Beach First Look

While I’ve called their photoshoot beforehand a ‘first look‘ truth was that Sarah and Tom both arrived together so that whole idea of getting over the nerves with a first look photoshoot had already been done that morning :). All Sarah and Tom were really after were a couple of nice photos together without having to spend too much time away from their family and friends at the Beach Huts Middleton.

So after they arrived about 30 mins late due to usual wedding morning shenanigans, Sarah and Tom only had about half the amount of time originally allocated to have their photos done – but it was plenty of time to walking up the Middleton beach board walk and walk about the beach a bit. A bit of photoshop was required to remove all the other beachgoers though!

Beach Huts Middleton Wedding Ceremony

As is usually the case with a Beach Huts Middleton Wedding, Sara and Tom opted to hold their ceremony on the grassy area nearby the tennis courts, surrounded by the delightful little beach huts which the venue gets it’s name from.

While Sarah and Tom had opted to do thir photoshoot beforehand, they still did the traditional bridal entrance where she walked down the aisle with father on one arm and veil covering her face before approaching her soon to be husband.

The ceremony was a lovely, simple affair spearheaded by vows full of in jokes and funny anecdotes of the couple’s lives together.


After the ceremony and before heading to the Blue’s restaurant on site at the Beach Huts Middleton for the evening reception, Sarah and Tom hosted a laid back afternoon reception for their guests which they were keen to be a part of.

The afternoon was full of lawn games, having fun with friends, and a couple of guests even picked up the tennis racquets and tried to hit my camera 😛 Every now and again I might catch Sarah and Tom and pull them aside for a quick photo, but I was aware they diddnt want to leave their friends and family for too long 🙂

The reception within Blues restaurant consited of a nice sit down dinner, with simple addons like a photobooth in the corner run by ‘In the Booth’, a kareoke machine set up as the DJ and Tom acted as his own MC – even going as far as announcing himself and Sarah as they entered the building!

It was a beautifully fun filled afternoon with plenty of lovely people laughing, playing and having a great time being together to celebrate this lovely couple’s love for one another.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Tom for having me capture their delightful Beach Huts Middleton Wedding for them! I had a blast taking the photos and I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did taking them! Cheers!

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding – Kristy & Toby

I was down at the Middleton Beach Huts in Middleton for the beautiful wedding of Kristy and Toby mid December to follow up from their engagement shoot I did for them earlier in the year. Kristy and Toby took advantage of my affordable engagement shoot option and my flexible hourly rate in my wedding photography packages, while also utilising my photo booth during their reception. The weather was beautiful, seeing as though the temperatures in Adelaide was in the low 40s, but it certainly wasn’t that in Middleton. The entire day went wonderfully, with

Preparation Photos

Both Kristy and Toby were getting prepared in their own separate Beach Huts, and often having to hide from one another so they don’t see one another while simultaneously getting ready and setting up the ceremony location on the grassy area at the centre of the complex. Toby and his groomsmen were a very laid back bunch, eager for a laugh, which made the whole process of taking memorable wedding photos all that much easier.

Kristy and her bridal party were being prepared with the two little flower girls, which made for some fun times, including twirling of dresses and silly giggles. Kristy really made Toby wait though as she ended up being quite a bit later to the wedding ceremony than both had anticipated 🙂

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Ceremony

As I said before, their wedding ceremony took place within the Middleton Beach Huts complex on a large grassy area nearby the BBQ hut and tennis courts. As of writing this, their website is unfortunately broken, but I’m sure it would tell you that the complex is a collection of a variety of small wooden beach bungalows surrounding the grassy area. The complex also includes a bar and event hall perfect for an intimate wedding such as this one.

 Glamour Shots

For the glamour shots we started out wandering around the Middleton Beach Huts ground utilising the pretty gardens on show, and of course the rustic beach huts themselves before heading down to Middleton beach as the sun was getting low to take some wonderful silhouette shots and beach photos.

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Reception

As mentioned before, Kristy and Toby made use of my photo booth during the reception having no need for my usual photographic services in lieu of what the photobooth produced. However I did still take a few shots of the reception just because it was all so wonderfully handcrafted by Kristy and her family.

Thank you Kristy and Toby for having me as your wedding photographer, I hope you enjoy your wedding photos as much as your engagement photos I took for you earlier in the year!

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding – Monica & Troy

Monica and Troy’s Middleton Beach Huts Wedding was an absolute joy to photograph, Monica and Troy are super laid back people who had an awesome sense of humor and sense of fun that I feel really showed through with their wedding and their wedding photos! I was their wedding photographer for the entire day and I had a bunch of fun experimenting and creating some really unique imagery for them!

Preparation Photos

Monic and Troy were getting ready in separate beach huts, amongst many of their guests who were also staying at the Middleton Beach Huts. It’s a wonderful aspect of holding a Middleton Beach Huts Wedding in that you’re able to book out the entire complex just for your wedding, it’s really quite wonderful. As a result I was floating in between Monica and Troy’s huts while they both were getting ready.

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Ceremony

There’s a large, grassy area in the center of all the beach huts where Monica and Troy’s wedding ceremony took place. It’s a perfect little spot to fit quite a few people if needed, with the beach huts as a backdrop. The sun came out quite strongly during the ceremony which made fore some beautiful weather for the rest of the day. One fun thing that Monica and Troy opted to do to be a little different on their day was that they didn’t exchange wedding rings, but rather gave each other small, heartfelt gifts. Monica was given a tiny penguin charm, while Troy was given a carved rock – the idea being that some penguins gift rocks to mates in the wild. It was really quite nifty 🙂

Glamour Photos

After the family photos, we first wandered out the gardens within the Beach Huts grounds, using the greenery and simple decor before heading down to Middleton beach. We then proceeded to be attacked by a dinosaur before running over to nearby the Victor Harbor Bluff for a few photos on the rocky beach.

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Reception

This took a little longer than expected, so we got back to the Middleton Beach Huts a little late for the reception, but no harm done. Throughout the night we had a bit more fun taking some zany photos, including a batman symbol and a neat grungy photoshoot in an old boat. Was good fun 😀

Thanks so much to Monica and Troy for having me as your wedding photographer!

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding – Lauren & Marty

I always love heading down to the Middleton Beach Huts for a wedding, as the nearby scenery and awesome setting that the beach huts provide always make for stunning wedding photography! So when Lauren and Marty asked me to be their wedding photographer for the day, I was very excited to be a part of their day! Another neat part of their day was the fact that their DJ had suggested using his private land up in the hills for photos instead of the usual heading down to the beach, so we got to use some awesome gumtrees as a backdrop instead.


After having set up my photo booth in preparation for Lauren and Marty’s reception, I sauntered over to the Beach Huts that Lauren and Marty were getting ready in. They were using two separate huts adjacent to one another, so it was easy enough to flit in between places of preparation which was great.

The air surrounding Lauren and Marty was very laid back, and easy going, with little to ruffle feathers and only the slightest showing of nerves from Marty, the groom 🙂 As soon as he donned his crows scarf though, and mentions of his hero, Taylor Walker, it soon vanished 🙂

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Ceremony

It was a super sunny day, and unfortunately there’s little shade for the congregation on the grassy area of the Middleton Beach Huts, so it made it tricky to mitigate the harsh shadows and highlights when taking photos, but it was certainly a love filled ceremony and the weather was really nothing to complain about!

Glamour Photos

After the group photos, we began our glamour photos session by walking around the grounds together with the bridal party, making use of the curated gardens and unique vibe the venue provides. We then hopped in the car for a bit of a drive to the aforementioned private property of their DJ. It happened to be an old winery estate, filled with rolling hills and stunning gum trees, which I loved taking photos of! On the way back we stopped off at the beach for a few shots using the sunset 🙂

Middleton Beach Huts Wedding Reception

Finally, with the wedding reception on site, all the guests were already packed into the restaurant when we arrived back, leaving little room to move! It was a great atmosphere, with guests spilling out into the outside areas, making use of the balmy weather. The dance floor was packed all night, and I had a blast! 🙂

Thanks so much to Lauren and Marty for having me as your wedding photographer! Hope you love your photos.