Wedding nerves and overcoming them

Just imagine your wedding day, about to walk down the aisle to the arms of the man of your dreams, or you’re standing there at the altar waiting 20mins after your ceremony was supposed to start, and wondering if your fiancée is going to show up at all…

A lot of planning has gone in to today. A lot of work. A lot of energy and emotion. You’ve had a great morning getting ready and you know this will be the best day of your life… then why are you about to choomp your nails off from the knuckle? You stomach feels as though it’s down by the beach and you’d love to join it.

If the world ran on logic, you know this day will run well, you’ll be partying about at your reception in about 3 hours time after having had your wedding photography taken by the best wedding photographer in Adelaide, so what is there to worry about?

Overcoming wedding nerves

All of this is a good thing and is completely natural. Being nervous keeps us alive and wedding nerves just show us that your senses are on overdrive! you notice that little bird singing that annoying song, your heartbeat, the tick of the giant grandfather clock in the entrance way to the church. You notice things you wouldn’t normally.

Your nerves are what have enabled you to get everything the way it is, the way you’ve dreamt it should be and the way it’s going down today. You’re not nervous you are EXCITED. Tell yourself that. Your body has no way of telling the difference between “I am nervous!” and “I am excited!” So instead of getting anxious, try to train yourself to tell yourself how excited you are instead, as it’s all the same thing neurologically speaking.

You have nothing to be nervous about, your wedding nerves are just you being excited about all your hard work coming into fruition. Get out there and marry your life partner!