Morphett Vale Church Wedding – Mayli & Nathaniel

Mayli and Nathaniel held their Morphett Vale Church wedding at the local Seventh Day Adventist Church on a lovely day with family and friends. Their day was full of fun, faith and lovely people who all combined to create a super memoriable day!

It was a little fun for me too, having had only just recently moved away from living pretty much next door to the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church which Mayli and Nathaniel held their ceremony and lunch time reception in – so I felt like coming back home!


I begun the day with Nathaniel and his groomsmen – all 8 of them! Coupled with Mayli’s 8 bridesmaids, that made a bridal party totalling 18 people! It’s pretty special that Nathaniel and Mayli were able to accomodate that many close, special people into their bridal party!

Nathaniel and his groomsmen were in good spirits when I arrived, watching TV and generally slowly getting dressed. One thing that caught my eye were the dress watches that each of them were wearing – I thought they were all pretty cool!

Mayli and her bridesmaids were being prepared at a different house, nearby Flinders Univeristy and the atmosphere was decidedly more rushed 🙂 Girls running about making sure Mayli was properly prepared, and cramming together to take some nice shots together in the front room – but it all worked out wonderfully!

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Ceremony

Mayli and nathaniel’s Morphett Vale Church wedding took place at the Morphett Vale Seventh Day Adventist Church – one of several churches on the same block on which I used to live.

The insides of this modern church was bathed in blue light, with ample room for a large congregation to watch mayli and Nathanienls wedding ceremony take place on the stage below. The ceremony was backdropped nicely by a yeallow-lit cross which added nicely to the overall theme of their ceremony.

The highlight of their wedding ceremony would have to have been the performance of two skilled musicians who sang and played guiter for a reasonable amount of time during the cermeony.

Morphett Vale Church Wedding Reception

Directly after the ceremony, and the mandatory family photos outside under a tree, Mayli and Nathaniel held a simple wedding reception within the church hall. This took place just after lunch time, and made it possible for all their guests at the ceremony to attend their reception, before retiring to a more intimate family reception at a private property in Crafers.

Their Morphett vale Church Wedding Reception was where they held all their important speeches, cut their wedding cake and mingled with family and friends.

Glamour Photos

Before leaving the church, I made sure to make use of the blue lights and in house smoke machine that was on stage to take some nifty glamour shots of Mayli and Nathaniel within the church before heading out for some glamour photos.

We drove all the way up to Mt Lofty Summit to use the lookout up there overlooking Adelaide – unfortunately the day was fairly overcast, but we made the most of the little bit of sunlight poking through. We then head to a private property in Crafers where mayli and Nathaniel held their smaller, family based wedding reception.

This was where I was able to make use of the rather funky house overlooking the valley, while also mixing things up by going for a bit of a walk down the hill to make use of the Australian bush as a backdrop. Can anyone spot the photobombing koala? 😀

Much thanks to Mayli for making the effort to trek down there in her wedding dress and heels!

Thankyou Mayli and Nathaniel for having me photograph your wedding!

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding – Amy & Brendon

After a few false starts due to the unfortunate effect that the COVID-19 pandemic had, Amy and Brendon finally held their Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding on an overcast day in early February.

I had been looking forward to being Amy and Brendon’s wedding photographer for quite a while, having learnt much more about this couple than many others due to them having me also produce their RSVP website, writing and reading about their relationship on there – although the wedding ended up being held at a different venue.

The day was filled with fun, lovely people to be around and they all certainly turned it up a notch later at night on the dance floor!


My day began with Brendon and his groomsmen being prepared with his parents and their ‘best dog’ which diddnt seem too keen on me that morning! Wasnt too sure about the flashing camera.

The atmosphere was jovial, with brendon running about trying to be as helpful as he can be to everyone there – perhaps to try to cover any nerves he was feeling that morning? 🙂

Amy and her bridal party was being prepared nearby at a bed and breakfast. It was a delightful house with a beautiful hall way that lead to a brightly lit master bed room where Amy got prepared.

The girls were all having a marvellous, laid back time sipping bubbly and enjoying each other’s company all morning, I’m not sure Amy ever stopped smiling!

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding Ceremony

Amy and Brendon’s Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club wedding ceremony took place on the back directly in front of the club house. Unbeknownst to anyone prior to the day, it was a little unfortunate that the yacht club was holding a little regatta right next to where the ceremony had been set up! So hiding all the yacht trailers and people walking in the background of their photos was a bit of a challenge.

The weather was very calm, and cool due to the overcast sky which made for a perfect beach wedding ceremony. While a little bit of sunshine might have been pleasant; exposing photos on the white sand of the beach with a hot sun beating down, creating harsh shadows on faces isn’t easy – so the cloudy sky made for much nicer photo-taking conditions!

Amy and brendon’s ceremony was a lovely simple affair, with a fun little twist at the end where they randomly selected their witnesses to sign their marriage documents! This was a fun little nod to their personality, and also events leading up to their wedding day!

Amy and brendon had also asked me to live stream their wedding using my little livestream setup which worked very well for the guests who unfortunately could not attend due to COVID lockdowns.

Glamour Photos

After a (rather too quick) family shoot session – we whisked away to the Pt Willunga Jetty for glamour photos. Amy and brendon decided to head down there to make use of the stunning demolished jetty on display there.

We also made use of the nearby Kingston House gardens and made sure to head out during their reception for what was left of the sunset.

Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club Wedding Reception

Amy and Brendon’s Brighton and Seacliff Yacht Club wedding reception took place in the club house upstairs, overlooking the stunning beach below where they held their ceremony.

They had my photobooth set up in the corner, complete with a custom made photobooth book I had made for them, but all focus was definately on the dance floor, which was full all night starting from the end of Amy adn brendon’s first dance!

I’d like to thank Amy and Brendon for having me as their wedding photographer and I apologise for continually mispronouncing Brendon’s name as Brandon! The bridal party all made fun of me for it 😛 I hope you enjoy your photos as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Serafino Wines Wedding – Claire & Arron


It was a delightfully sunny day in early January for Claire and Arron’s Serafino Wines wedding in Mclaren Vale! It was great to see Claire and Arron again after having shot their incredible engagement shoot on a private farm near Mt Compass.

Their day was laid back, relaxed but still full of fun, joy and a tonne of little surpises that just made their whole day great!


I started the day as I usually do with the groom and his groomsmen getting ready at their house in Seaford Heights. The atmosphere was jovial with the boys all having a bit of fun while getting prepared.

Arron’s parents were on hand to help out with tieing ties and putting on cufflinks which is always nice to have for photos!

Claire and her bridemaids were being prepared together in one of the Serafino winery’s rooms as part of their accomodation offering. It’s a super convenient perk to be able to be prepared on site of your wedding venue as it cuts down on travel time and any chance of being late!

The atmosphere with the girls was equally as laid back as the boys, but if I were to choose who was showing more nerves, it would have to have been Arron! He was seento have been pacing a little bit checking his watch at the altar before the ceremony began. 🙂

Serafino Wines Wedding Ceremony

Claire and Arron’s Serafino Wines wedding ceremony took place were it usually does at Serafino winery – under a big gum tree backdropped by a delightful lake. The area boasts a huge manicured grassy area suited for any size of congregation.

Their ceremony was presided over by a priest, but much of the time was taken up by readings and speeches written by guests who could not attend due to COVID restrictions, but instead read out by a member of the bridal party – which was a nice touch. We were also blessed to have a nice little reading from Claire’s Mum after the first kiss.

What I thought was really cool though was the fact that Claire being a music teacher – her students were invited to come out and provide the background music for her bridal approach and exit, which was really awesome! And what was even more awesome was Claire’s choice of song! Disney’s Tangled theme song ‘I see the Light‘.

Glamour Photos

Hosting a Serafino wines wedding ceremony means that you can make the most of what Mclaren vale has to offer in regards to vineyards, Australian bush land and histroic buildings. As a Mclaren Vale wedding venue, Serafino has it all.

After the usual family photos, Claire Arron and I went for a bit of a walk around the lake with their bridal party for some group shots, before heading out by ourselves for some more intimate scenes amongst the vineyards.

As the weather was very sunny, I attempted to keep Claire and Arron away from the direct sunlight as much as possible in order to produce some lovely photography without too much int he way of overblown highlights and harsh shadows.

before heading back into the main reception hall to be announced as bride and groom, we were lucky enough to be able to use the old Serafino wines cellar door which is always packed with a pleasing amount of wine barrels that makes for a lovely backdrop!

Serafino WInes Wedding Reception

Claire and Arron’s Serafino wines wedding reception was a blast to be a part of! Along with having my photobooth running all night, they also had a wonderful acoustic guitar band who also acted as their DJs.

The speeches that were said were very entertaining, with each one being quite fun – in particular one by one of Claire’s bridesmaids that was set to music and party sung! Check out the end of their wedding highlight video above for that!

Claire and Arron also played a pretty unique wedding game, which was a bit of a different take on the shoe game, but in this case it was the guests who were answering the questions about the bride and groom’s relationship. For example the bridesmaid would ask the guests a question such as ‘Who said I love you first?’ and the guests would hold up a stick for either the bride or groom corresponding who they thought was the correct answer. Was a bit of fun!

Thanks so much to Claire and Arron for having me shoot your wedding photography! I had a blast and hopefully you love your photos as much as I enjoyed being a part of your big day!

IvyBrook Farm Wedding – Carly & Josh

I was delighted to have been asked to be Carly and Josh’s wedding photographer at their Ivybrook Farm wedding at the beginning of November!

Their day was one full of fun and family, and was certainly a relaxing day out with a lunch time reception and ample time to mingle with guests. The time mingling with their guests was foremost in Carly and Josh’s mind when planning their day with only a small portion dedicated to having glamour photos done, which I feel is a really nice way to look at your day.

Still, I was keen to make fulluse of the incredible scenery Ivybrook Farm has to offer!

Ivybrook Farm Wedding Ceremony

My coverage began with Carly and Josh’s Ivybrook Farm wedding ceremony under the large tree nearby the main building of the venue. Their guests were set up facing the tree on the grass, as Carly and Josh both approached the wedding arbour together from the on site bed and breakfast.

The highlight of their ceremony in my opinion was the delightful readings from a family member which detailed the love story of Carly and Josh coming together intermingled with inside jokes and fun stories that had everyone giggling.

Ivybrook Farm Wedding Reception

Carly and Josh opted to hold a lunchtime reception so as to maximise the time they could spend with the firends and family. The settig at Ivybrook Farm was set up in a delightfully rustic way, complete with Australian fauna and a stunning semi-nude wedding cake set atop a barrel which just made the whole setting pop.

Guests were treated to lawn games, food platters and games for the kids while everyone enjoyed the warm weather before settling down for a pizza lunch.

Lunch was eaten, and speeches were told before we had some time to head out around the grounds to shoot some glamour photos of Carly and Josh. After which we returned for the first dance!

Glamour Photos

The great thing about hosting an Ivybrook farm wedding is the variety of spots you can head to have your photos done. The area boasts fields of long unkempt grass, or well kept grass depending on what you feel would work best. There are also lines of trees, vineyards and rustic buildings which I certainly made the most of!